The ISFP Male (The Complete Guide)


ISFPs are the adventurers of the MBTI typology. The need to explore and go places combined with their introverted nature makes this MBTI type truly unique. The ISFP male is an even more interesting subtype to look at.

What can you actually expect from an ISFP male?

Quick Facts about the ISFP Male

1.      Strong Values and Morals

ISFP males often have strong values and morals. This is because of their introverted feeling function.

This function allows them to see the world through their own moral beliefs and values. These values are often strong and play a very big role in their lives.

Thus, ISFP males will never want to go against what they stand for.

2.      They Love Adventures

Just like their nickname suggests, ISFP males love a good adventure. As far as their alone time is not impeded, they will always be up for a game or a hike or traveling.

To them, these are things that make the world go round.

The need for adventures and thrills make the ISFP male a very curious type.

3.      ISFP Males and Flightiness

ISFP males are notorious for being flighty. This is often true when they are younger. The problem here is that they are usually unsure of what they want.

Coupled with the need for adventures, ISFP males might feel trapped or weighed down by relationships early on in their lives.

Thus, ISFP males might change partners a lot during their youth. It’s not that they never liked these partners.

They just didn’t know what they were looking for.

4.      Emotional and Sensitive

Like most feelers, ISFP males will put a strong emphasis on their emotions. Thus, they might be very sensitive to harsh criticism and strong feedback.

Their reaction to criticism is often defensiveness and a need to withdraw.

5.      ISFP Male and Enneagram Types

When compared with the enneagram of personality, this type is more likely to be a type 9 than any other type.

ISFP males can also be type 4 or type 6.

While these are the common enneagram types, some ISFPs identify differently.

6.      Norms and Traditions

ISFP males are at the end, still sensors. Unlike ISTP who places less importance on norms, ISFP males live for them.

They are very family-oriented and are likely to stick with the tradition and norms of their community. Most times, their own internal moral compass is shaped by these norms.

Shaking them off can be difficult. However, ISFP males are less dogmatic than their ISFJ counterparts. Here’s an article that discusses the differences between ISFP and ISFJ.

7.      Introverts or Extroverts?

ISFP males are introverted. However, depending on how assertive or turbulent they are, they can be extroverted introverts or super introverts.

However, one thing is clear. ISFPs love a good adventure. This means that they sometimes enjoy the company of others.

ISFP Males and Career Options

This personality type enjoys jobs that give them a bit of adventure and hands-on experience. They have to be passionate and have a sense of purpose in their careers.

ISFP males also want to work in a place that gives them more flexibility than structure. They are adaptable and can be a great asset to their teams.

This personality type also enjoys jobs that give them a good sensory experience.

Best Careers for the ISFP Male

·         Fashion Designer

This career path gives the ISFP male the flexibility and creativity that they want. It also appeals to their sensory senses.

ISFPs, in general, have a good fashion sense. Being a fashion designer can bring out the best in the ISFP male.

·         Nurse

ISFPs often make excellent nurses. They can channel their emotional and considerate nature into taking care of others.

This career path also gives them a sense of purpose as they are helping humanity get better. ISFP males often find what they have been looking for when they become a nurse.

Here are some other good options available.

  • Chef
  • Botanist
  • Physician
  • Pharmacist
  • Paralegal
  • Police Officer
  • Firefighter
  • Social Worker
  • Graphic Designer
  • Missionary
  • Fitness trainer

Careers that ISFP Males Should Avoid

  • Judge
  • Attorney
  • Executive
  • Politician
  • Auditor
  • Chemical Engineering

The ISFP Male and Dating

Are you planning on dating an ISFP man? Here are some things you should know.

·         Spontaneous

The ISFP male is truly spontaneous. This extends to his relationships and partners. They want to go on spontaneous trips and fun dates.

To them, the element of surprise is quite important. So, if you are someone that doesn’t like surprises or plans their life using a well-oiled routine, this relationship will certainly not be for you.

·         Words of Affirmation

While ISFPs might seem to be cheerful and quite independent, they often suffer from bouts of insecurity.

Thus, a word of appreciation or just acknowledging how awesome they are will really go a long way. If you are looking for words of affirmation for your partner, this link might be a good place to start.

·         Criticize as a Last Resort

ISFPs, in general, do not do well with criticism. It can have negative effects on them. So, if you are dating an ISFP man, make sure you keep criticism to a bare minimum.

Instead, try to suggest ways in which your relationship can improve. Make sure it doesn’t seem like the suggestion is an attack.

·         Alone Time

ISFP males are still introverts. Depending on where they are on the spectrum, this might mean more alone time or less.

Regardless of how much time they need, make sure they get it. ISFPs, in general, come back recharged when they spend time by themselves.

·         Quite Generous

ISFP men can be really generous. They don’t mind spending a lot on the person they love. If you are dating an ISFP man, you probably are in for a treat.

However, they might be some cons with this generosity. ISFP males might have trouble managing their finances.

ISFP males are amazing people. Fortunately, we have just the dosage of this personality type.


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