The ISTJ Female (The Complete Guide)

ISTJ female

ISTJs are amazing people. Their strong love for tradition and thinking makes this personality type strong and relatable. These are just some of the reasons why we love the ISTJ. Less common among this personality type is the ISTJ female.

Here, we’ll focus more about the ISTJ female. If you’d like to read about the ISTJ male, you can click this link.

What are ISTJ Females Like?

1.      Family Oriented

If there is something ISTJ females always have time for, its family and traditions. While not quite as sensitive as the ISFJ female, they know how to show their soft side when dealing with family.

To the ISTJ female, family is one of the most important things to them. They cherish that bond they share and never want to lose it.

2.      Highly Logical

ISTJ females are thinkers. They want to understand the world in clear terms. Thus, they use logic and analysis to get all the data that they need.

Their need to think through issues and situations doesn’t stop at their pet projects. It also extends to the way they approach their romantic and platonic relationships.

To the ISTJ female, solving problems rationally is the best way to progress.

3.      Thick Skin

This personality type is less vulnerable to the biting remarks of criticism. Thus, they can effectively understand the point of view of others.

This comes in really handy in most situations. Because they are not too sensitive, ISTJ females can make the needed changes and keep striving in life.

4.      Practical

ISTJ females are sensors. This means that they like to deal with the present world. Thus, they are often very realistic and practical people.

The need to dream of big visions and dreams might not appeal too much to them. To this personality type, they prefer to take things one day at a time.

This does not mean that they are averse to making plans for the future. In fact, ISTJs, in general, often have their whole lives mapped out.

However, they prefer to deal with what they can see and change.

5.      Blunt

The ISTJ female is quite direct in their manner of communication. Thus, they are not afraid to bring up any concerns they might have.

They are also not known to shy away from a conversation that involves rational thinking. Because of their direct manner of communication, this personality type might find it hard to sugarcoat things or use tact.

They might also find that dealing with sensitive people can be quite hard.

6.      They Value Integrity

Integrity is very important to the ISTJ female. Because of this value, they are often honest and straightforward.

They also expect the same from people. If you are with them, you can be sure they will try to do the right thing.

That’s just who they are.

7.      Driven

This personality type is passionate about their careers. They want to reach the very top of whatever they do.

Thus, ISTJ women are very driven. They back this up with hard work and determination. With these two qualities, they have just what they need to make a difference.

ISTJ Female and Enneagram Types

When it comes to enneagram types, ISTJ females will normally identify as type 6. However, ISTJs, in general, are more likely to be type 1s than any other type.

When ISTJs are type 6, they will usually have type 5 as their wing. Here’s an in-depth description of enneagram 6w5.

What Makes the ISTJ Female so Attractive?

The drive and integrity of the ISTJ females make them so attractive. You can always count on them to put in the work that’s required.

ISTJ Female and Career Options

ISTJ females work best in a role that provides them with all the necessary details. They also have a knack for career paths that allow them to do their own research in a structured environment.

To get the best out of the ISTJ female, a role that offers structure and clear guidance will be the most suitable for them.

When placed in the right position, ISTJs can make a company tick.

Best Careers for ISTJ Females

·         Professor

ISTJs, in general, are big fans of research and analysis. They love to put their incredible brain to use. There are very few people who can thoroughly analyze a particular situation better than an ISTJ.

Being a professor places them right into a career that rewards research and critical thinking. There is simply nothing better than that.

·         Bio-medical Engineering

ISTJ females excel in an environment that requires problem-solving and attention to detail. Bio-medical engineering offers this in a large abundance.

With laws guiding the ISTJ on how to proceed, they can easily outshine everyone else.

Here are other great career options

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Political scientist
  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Financial analyst
  • Economist
  • Military Officer
  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Scientist

Worst Careers for ISTJ Females

  • Art director
  • Receptionist
  • Pre-school teacher
  • Missionary
  • Photographer
  • Writer/Journalist
  • Counselor

ISTJ Female and Dating

Are you dating an ISTJ woman? Here are some interesting things you should probably know about them.

1.      They Value Punctuality

ISTJs are very disciplined people. They want to obey the rules and do things the right way. If you plan on dating an ISTJ woman, then you have to play by the rules.

One of these rules is punctuality. Never come late to a date or event. Try not to cancel at the last minute too.

To the ISTJ woman, these things show them how much you value them.

2.      Traditional

ISTJ females expect the traditional setting that comes with dating. So, make sure you remember this. Gift-giving is just one of the many ways to achieve it.

They will be glad you are so thoughtful.

3.      They are in for the long haul

ISTJs, in general, do not enter a relationship for casual flings. They are just not built that way. Instead, they are looking for something truly meaningful.

So, if you know you aren’t ready for the commitment, you should probably look elsewhere.

ISTJ women are strong-willed and ready to take on the world. You should be honored if you know one.

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