The ISTJ Male (The Complete Guide)

ISTJ male

ISTJs are the logisticians of the MBTI typology. We absolutely love them for their integrity and honesty. They are often referred to as the custodians of society. An ISTJ male is often more popular and common when compared with ISTJ females.

So what can you expect when dealing with an ISTJ male?

Quick Facts about the ISTJ Male

1.      Love for Tradition

If there’s something that the ISTJ male loves, it’s tradition. They want to be close to their families and keep the lifelong traditions that have shaped them.

While this is true, it doesn’t mean that ISTJ males are unreasonable when it comes to norms. They can disregard traditions that hurt others or their families.

2.      The Love for Research

This personality type is a lover of research. This stems from the need to understand whatever task they are about to embark on thoroughly.

Thus, ISTJ men can spend hours researching a topic and probably other similar issues. There are usually very few people who know more about a subject matter than the ISTJs when given time to research.

ISTJs, in general, love the art of research and will do it gladly.

3.      Rules are meant to be followed

ISTJ males love following the rules and regulations. They are one of the least likely types to be a serial law offender. There’s more.

They just don’t follow the rules. They also expect others to do the same. Thus, if you are friends with an ISTJ male, one way to annoy them is by blatantly bending the rules.

It won’t end well.

4.      Honesty

ISTJ males are incredibly honest people. They see no reason to sugarcoat the truth and will usually say things how they are.

This has its benefits and drawbacks. ISTJ males are very good at communication and can be relied on for honest feedback.

However, there are times when people couldn’t care less about the truth. In these situations, this personality type might be considered quite annoying.

5.      Rational

ISTJ males are very logical people. They like to analyze things and make decisions based on logic. Thus, they hardly put a large emphasis on emotions.

In their view, emotions can make people make decisions that can prove costly. ISTJ males will rather spend hours analyzing the problem with cold solid facts.

6.      ISTJ Male and Enneagram Types

When compared with the enneagram of personality, most ISTJ males identify as type 1s. However, this will largely depend on some factors.

One of these factors is where they fall on the assertive and turbulent spectrum. If you want to learn more about the assertive ISTJ and the turbulent ISTJ, these links will prove helpful.

ISTJ males can also identify as type 5 or type 6.

7.      Strong Values and Opinions

Strong values and opinions are fundamental to the ISTJ male. It gives them purpose and an aim in life. These strong values and opinions are usually forged based on their background and circumstances.

You will also find it difficult to convince them to change these narratives. To ISTJs in general, these values have been critically analyzed and have been proven to be true.

ISTJ Male and Career Options

ISTJs, in general, love the fine details and specifications of a task. They are also very hardworking and try to do things perfectly.

ISTJ males want to work in an environment that gives them a lot of structure. They want to have a clear idea of what they have to do with little or no surprise.

To get the best out of them, they need to be placed in a role that offers stability and a straightforward approach to finding solutions.

Best Careers for ISTJ Males

·         Mechanical Engineer

They will make superb mechanical engineers. This career path has solid rules. It also is founded on the need for problem-solving.

So, ISTJ males can look forward to working in an area that requires critical thinking but is guided by universal rules.

·         Political Scientist

Politics is one of the basic norms of the society we live in today. Thus, it is only natural that ISTJs will be interested in it.

When it comes to politics, ISTJ males have strong opinions that are often founded on research and analysis.

Thus, there is really no doubt that they will find this career path to be fascinating.

Here are other career options that are available to the ISTJ

  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Financial analyst
  • Economist
  • Military Officer
  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Scientist
  • Professor
  • Bio-medical engineer

Careers that ISTJ Should Avoid

  • Art director
  • Receptionist
  • Pre-school teacher
  • Missionary
  • Photographer
  • Writer/Journalist
  • Counselor

ISTJ Male and Dating

ISTJs, in general, are rather particular about certain aspects of their life. One of them is their romantic relationships.

They want to be with someone that they see a future with and that makes them happy. The same thing applies to ISTJ males.

Here are other things you can expect from this personality type.

1.      Discipline and Respect

ISTJ males have a lot of discipline in their life. Thus, they expect the same from people around them. This is even more important when it comes to their partners.

Thus, keeping an ISTJ waiting on a date or rescheduling at the last minute won’t go down well with them. They often view this as a form of disrespect or lack of discipline.

2.      Acts of Service

Most ISTJ males love acts of service. They are often up and around taking care of things. Thus, there is nothing better than people taking over their various duties for a while.

This is something that your ISTJ will surely want and appreciate. Your ISTJ will be able to relax and practice some self-care.

3.      Blunt and Direct Communication Style

If you are dating an ISTJ male, you have to be ready for their communication style. ISTJ men prefer to communicate in a very straightforward manner.

They also appreciate it when others treat them the same. Trying to beat around the bush will not help you here.

ISTJs, in general, respect people who can state their opinions without shying away. As their partner, you need to win their respect.

ISTJ men are really passionate about family and their duties. If you have one in your life, you have a pretty solid backbone.


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