The Sanguine Personality Type (The Complete Guide)


Sanguines make the world go round. If you identify as a sanguine personality, you’re probably very friendly and a bit loud.

Here, we’ll talk about everything sanguine and what you can expect from them.

What is a Sanguine Personality?

Sanguines are the life of the party. This temperament always seems cheerful and buoyant. On the surface, they seem never to have any problems.

Their positive attitude is also quite contagious. When sanguines find themselves in a room or in a group, they can instantly raise the atmosphere of the room.

Sanguines are all up for adventures. They want to live a good life and strive to achieve this. This need for adventure and enjoyment also rubs off on others around them. Because of this, you can expect them to have a lot of acquaintances.

The problem is these acquaintances might think they are friends with the sanguines when in reality, they are not.

Another thing worth noting about Sanguines is their energetic nature. Sanguines have lots of energy. However, this energy might not be noticeable if the activity is deemed boring.

When it comes to their careers, the sanguine personality wants a flexible career. They also want an opportunity to interact with others.

One of the problems with their expressive nature is that it comes with emotions. As we shall see, sanguines can make important decisions based on their present feelings. This can be disastrous.

When compared with the enneagram, most sanguines identify as type 7 or have this type as a wing.

Strengths of the Sanguine Personality

1.   Charismatic

Sanguines love talking and interacting with people. This also means they are not shy people. There’s a certain confidence or charisma that comes with that.

People are drawn to their aura. They seem cool and popular. Their charisma can unlock doors for them through networking or just because of its appeal.

2.   Outwardly Bold

While we cannot vouch for their inner boldness, their external behavior screams boldness. They do not shy back from approaching new people or hide behind others.

On the contrary, sanguines want to be at the center of attention. Their boldness makes them even more appealing.

Of course, this is not always the same in their thoughts and minds.

3.   Good Motivator

Because of how cheerful and friendly they can be, they try not overly criticize others. Instead, motivation is their favorite pastime.

As with most things about sanguines, their motivation is infectious. It can also inspire others to greatness.

While this is true, sanguines do not always take the advice they dish out. They can lose their cheerfulness when faced with really difficult situations.

4.   Great Public Speaker

As we shall see, sanguines are always buzzing with new projects and ideas. This shows when they engage in public speaking.

They will be masters of extemporaneous deliveries and look the part. Their great public speaking skills only add to their charisma and popularity.

5.   Limitless Ideas and Possibilities

Ideas and possibilities are the hallmarks of sanguines. Their minds are alive from the minute they wake up to when they go to bed.

Thus, they think on the go and might have a very vivid imagination. While this is amazing, it comes with some drawbacks. These ideas are usually half-formed and might be flat wrong.

Thus, quick ideas and implementation by the sanguines can have disastrous consequences.

6.   Optimistic

As earlier stated, Sanguines are very optimistic. They always believe things will work out for the best. The best part is that their feelings are very contagious.

Thus, people who stay around sanguines might have a hopeful outlook in life. Their optimism, if maintained, can push them through tough periods in life.

7.   Adaptable

Sanguines are good at adapting to changing circumstances. Now, this does not mean they do not feel differently when change occurs.

However, with an optimistic smile, they believe things will work out just fine. Their ability to adapt allows them to succeed in various careers.

8.   Sanguines Forgive Easily

Sanguines are emotional people. So, they might tell you at the top of their voice when they don’t like something.

The difference between them and cholerics is that sanguines forgive easily. Once they have said all they need to say, they move on easily. This might also be caused by the sanguine’s tendency to forget the past easily.

This allows them to build relationships with others despite past dealings.

9.   Curious

Finally, sanguines are very curious. They always want to know the full story or how things work. Their curiosity means they are usually very knowledgeable about their industry or environment.

Their desire to talk means that spreading what they know isn’t that difficult.

Weaknesses of the Sanguine Personality

1.   Self-Discipline is a Problem

Self-discipline is sanguine’s greatest problem. While they are blessed with the ability to dazzle others and come up with brilliant ideas, they just cannot seem to follow through.

This hurts their chances of success and leaves them in precarious situations. Their complacency and procrastination can cost them in their careers and romantic relationships.

It might also make them seem unreliable to others.

2.   Lack of Grit or Willpower

This follows the last point. Sanguines struggle with discipline because of a lack of grit/determination.

As earlier stated, sanguines want to enjoy life. Grinding or working on a project when they don’t feel like it is not enjoying life. Because they have no willpower, they will leave a trail of abandoned projects.

3.   Flirting Comes Too Easy

As earlier stated, Sanguines are very expressive and borderline talkative. That’s not all. Because of how expressive they are, they can also be a bit physical or touchy.

Their friendliness and warmness can be easily misinterpreted as flirting. Once this happens, sanguines have the difficult task of saying no.

When healthy boundaries are not set, this can lead to some problems. This is an even bigger issue if they already have a partner.

4.   Can be Excessive

Sanguines have a problem with being excessive. This affects everything they do. They can be excessive with food, talking, exercises and so much more.

This can lead to some problems. For example, sanguines might injure themselves during workouts or they might constantly compare themselves with others.

They can also develop health problems in the process.

5.   Emotional

As earlier stated, sanguines can be emotional or sensitive. Now, this might be a good thing in some situations. However, it can also be a weakness.

Being emotional can make them defensive when given constructive feedback. They might also overreact when faced with tricky situations.

Sanguines are usually at their worst when they let their emotions control them.

6.   Pride/Ego

Sanguines have a lot of pride in them. This is possibly caused by their need to be seen and their desire to hug the limelight. This is complicated further by their emotions.

Thus, when things don’t go well for them, their first instinct is to deny or become defensively. They want to be right in a different way from cholerics.

Their need to be right stems from a desire to maintain their image.

7.   Insecure

Beneath their charisma and limitless optimism, sanguines are very insecure people. Depending on their background, they can be insecure about their abilities, their appearance, or something else.

They try to cover this insecurity with smiles, gestures, and charisma. Their insecurities only come out when things don’t seem to be going their way.

8.   Can Be Scattered

One of the reasons why sanguines lack discipline is because of a lack of organization. Sanguines struggle to focus on the tiny details.

While this is true, this might be reduced if they have a melancholic or phlegmatic as a variant. Their disorganization can cost them when it matters the most.

Sanguines and Love

Are you dating a sanguine? Here are some things you should know

1.   Love Languages

Sanguines prefer words of affirmation and physical touch among the five love languages. Thus, if you are dating a sanguine, ensure you give them a lot of reassurance.

While they might seem very confident, they need affirmation from those closest to them. They also don’t mind being intimate. So, don’t shy away from showing how much you love them.

2.   Listen to Them

If your sanguine has something to say, ensure you truly listen. Sanguines feel valued when their words are taken seriously.

Because sanguines talk a lot, most people might start taking the things they say for granted. Don’t be one of them.

3.   Give them Their Space

While they want to be with you and spend quality time, try not to overwhelm them. Give them their space regularly. This allows them to do the things they love and miss you too.

By doing this, your relationship is bound to become even stronger.

4.   Try Not to Nag

Finally, try not to nag. Sanguines do not find nagging very amusing. Here’s why. They are very emotional people. Nitpick them too much and they might just explode in anger.

Plus, they can be insecure. Nagging them can take a toll on their self-confidence.

The Sanguine Personality and Handling Money

As you would expect, sanguines do not have a good financial record. One big reason for this is their impulsiveness.

Thus, they can splurge without actually counting the cost. This can leave them broke or debt-ridden.

Because of how they dress or their positive nature, you might not even notice how bad they are with their finances.

Yet, this is one area where sanguines will struggle.

Variants of the Sanguine Personality


The presence of the choleric is like a balancing act for this personality type. They become more grounded and responsible.

Thus, sanchlors will have more success with their finances and discipline levels. While this is true, they will never attain the heights of a core choleric.


The presence of sanguine makes them more creative. Thus, sanmels can fit into a lot of industries.

One potential weakness is that it sends their sensitivity and emotions into overdrive. Thus, sanmels might struggle to get a grip of their emotions.

If unhealthy, they can easily become depressed.


The presence of the phlegmatic makes this variant a balanced personality type. Sanphlegs are expressive but not excessive.

They do all the things sanguines do but in moderation. This makes them popular and likable, yet normal.

Best Careers for the Sanguine Personality

  • Politician
  • Diplomat
  • Ambassador
  • Sales Representative
  • HR Manager
  • Attorney
  • Actor/Actress
  • Writer
  • Freelancer
  • Customer Service

Worst Careers for the Sanguine Personality

  • Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Industrial Mathematician
  • Actuary
  • Data Analyst

Fictional/Famous Characters with the Sanguine Personality

  • Zendaya (Sanchlor)
  • Dwayne Johnson (Sanchlor)
  • Cleopatra (Sanchlor)
  • Thomas Edison (Sanchlor)
  • Adele (Sanphleg)
  • Ariana Grande (Sanphleg)
  • Harry Styles (Sanmel)
  • Taylor Swift (Sanmel)


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