The Unhealthy ENTP- Understanding the ENTP Dark Side

unhealthy ENTP

ENTPs are the debater or the lawyer type. They are witty, charismatic, and can be a handful. This free-spirited, vibrant type can, however, sometimes be unhealthy. When you meet an unhealthy ENTP, you might be in for a shock.

In this article, we’ll consider what an unhealthy ENTP looks like, signs that an ENTP is unhealthy and how to get out of the ENTP dark side.

Who is the Unhealthy ENTP?

The unhealthy ENTP is an ENTP who displays toxic traits. Now, these traits are distinct from their normal weaknesses. They stand out and cause this personality type to become extreme or different.

This issue might be caused by trauma, grief, or childhood problems. If you’re an ENTP, chances are you have no idea how unhealthy you are. People who knew you before might be surprised or shocked when they see how you are right now.

If you believe you are not in good shape, knowing the signs of the ENTP dark side might be crucial.

Top Signs of an Unhealthy ENTP

1.    Anti-Social

ENTPs are introverted extroverts. So, it’s normal for them to want some alone time. This is especially true for ENTP 5w4. However, being too introverted is a cause for alarm.

When an ENTP becomes anti-social or too withdrawn, this can be a sign of lingering issues. This problem is usually accompanied by a lack of motivation and unproductivity.

In extreme cases, it can also lead to depression and nihilism. If you notice these problems, it might be time for a change.

2.    Impulsive Behavior

ENTPs are perceivers. They live for spontaneous events and activities. This personality type operates in bursts of energy that can be lovely to watch.

However, when this goes to the extreme, it can be a sure sign of the ENTP dark side. Signs of this might include recklessness, alcoholism, and gross financial mismanagement.

The ENTP in particular might get defensive or refuse to admit that something is wrong. If left unresolved, this trait might get worse.

3.    Analysis Paralysis/Obsession

INTPs and ENTPs are among the personality types that can face the problem of analysis paralysis. This happens when they are stuck in their introverted thinking (Ti) function.

This personality type might overthink or overanalyze a problem until it borders on obsession. Their entire lives might take a backseat while they think about this problem. They might also only want to talk about the particular issue they are facing all the time.

This eventually leads to anxiety for them. They might also be so fixated on the issue that they miss out on other opportunities. When ENTPs find themselves stuck in this phase, they might be unhealthy.

4.    Extremely Disorganized

ENTPs are not the most organized people in the world. However, extreme disorganization can be a sign of an unhealthy ENTP.

This trait usually accompanies the problem of being anti-social and a lack of motivation. When the ENTP is disorganized, chances are that they become even more unproductive.

Their issues with indiscipline become even more pronounced. This particular trait is more common with the ENTP 7w8.

5.    Lack of Control or Direction

When the ENTP is unhealthy, you might notice a lack of control or direction in their life. They seem to go through the motions or go with the flow.

Thus, the ENTP that once had glorious ideas and plans might be drained and completely out of those ideas. They might also not have a plan on how they want their lives to turn out.

While the ENTP is known to jump from one thing to another, they always have a plan. The absence of one shows that there might be some serious issues underneath.

6.    Cruel/Ruthless

ENTPs are thinkers. So, they usually put logic first over emotions. However, ENTPs still have the extroverted feeling (Fe) function. Because of this function, they can relate to others and know where to draw the line.

An unhealthy ENTP will not be able to do this. They will fully depend on logic and will be insensitive and cruel.

This problem can also show up in ENTPs that are immature or have a poorly developed Fe. If you are very insensitive to others as an ENTP, there might be a problem.

7.    Extreme Arrogance/Insecurity

ENTPs have a lot of self-confidence. They truly believe in themselves and their abilities. However, when the spectrum moves to either extreme, it is a sign of unhealthiness.

Extreme arrogance can make the ENTP look down on others and have no regard for people. When an ENTP is insecure, they can doubt their own ideas and plans.

In extreme situations, they might become very cautious or pessimistic. Those are uncharted territories for the ENTP.

How to Get Out of the ENTP Dark Side

Are you currently experiencing the ENTP dark side? If you are, here are some tips on getting out of it.

1.    See a Therapist

The best way to go is to see a therapist or a psychologist. They can help you get back to your very best.

Of course, make sure that you completely trust them. If you cannot get to a therapist right now, you might want to talk to someone you trust. For example, your spouse or trusted friend.

2.    Setting your Life in Motion

Sometimes, all you have to do is take the first step. So, try to get yourself out of the loop. If you have been extremely disorganized, start by cleaning your room.

You can start applying for jobs again. The bottom line is taking an action that sets your life in motion again.

3.    Create Accountability

To achieve this, you can tell your friend to remind you of your goals and ambitions when you start to lose control.

Make sure you choose someone who will stick with you even when you’re being unreasonable. The sooner this happens, the better.

4.    Take Back Your Social Life

Finally, take back your social life. Go out and meet friends. Go on dates. Just make sure you aren’t isolated and feeling trapped in your life.

You’re an ENTP. You got this.


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