The Unhealthy ISTP (Understanding the ISTP Dark Side)

Unhealthy ISTP

Innovation, independence, and decisiveness. These are appropriate words to describe an ISTP. What about an unhealthy ISTP? Can they be described in the same manner?

If you’ve been thinking about this, I have good news. This article will discuss it in closer detail.

Who is the Unhealthy ISTP?

An unhealthy ISTP is an ISTP who displays traits that are wide of their true character. Sometimes, these traits might be an extreme version of their usual traits or a new one altogether.

There are many reasons why an ISTP can become unhealthy. Some of them include failed expectations and loss of their job or partner. When an ISTP becomes unhealthy, people around will notice.

If you’re an ISTP, the best way to avoid slipping into that situation is to know the signs of an unhealthy ISTP.

It’s also important to know that experiencing one of these signs does not necessarily signal unhealthiness.

Signs of an Unhealthy ISTP

1.   Extremely Arrogant

ISTPs are smart but not arrogant. Because they are introverts, they usually are more reserved and fun. Unhealthy ISTPs are different. Arrogant oozes through them. Now, everyone can be arrogant.

However, they take it too far. For example, unhealthy ISTPs might believe they are always right and look down on others. These are all done openly and might make them unlikeable.

These are not normal traits of an ISTP.

2.   Unproductive

Unhealthy ISTPs are complacent and lazy. Their extroverted sensing function combines with their perceiving function to create this problem.

Thus, unhealthy ISTPs are serial procrastinators. In the long term, this might make them miss life-changing opportunities.

3.   Withdraws Completely

ISTPs are introverts. So, it’s normal if they are a bit withdrawn. Unhealthy ISTPs will take this to an extreme.

They might isolate themselves from society and their friends. Some might become paranoid, thinking everyone is out to get them.

Their withdrawals can quickly deteriorate into other issues like depression.

4.   Much More Aggressive

Unhealthy ISTPs are more aggressive. While physicality is a big way they show their aggressiveness, verbal cues, and body gestures are also high on that list.

Unhealthy ISTPs might also have a temper. Backed by their Se function, they might enjoy violence and fighting. Because they are thinkers, becoming ruthless is a real possibility.

5.   Looks a lot like an underdeveloped INTP

Unhealthy ISTPs are a lot like underdeveloped INTP. One way is their view of rules and norms. Unhealthy ISTPs find ways to bend even the most sensible rules.

They become obsessed with independence and feel these norms are out to control them. They might also dress really poorly and care less about their appearance.

6.   Extremely Impulsive

Perceivers generally struggle more with being impulsive. Unhealthy ISTPs are the worst hit. They are more reckless and might make decisions on a whim.

This can lead to serious problems with their finances and career.

7.   Serious Communication Issues

Unhealthy ISTPs will struggle with communication for several reasons. First, they become less sensitive to people’s concerns and needs. This also includes what they say. Thus, unhealthy ISTPs will listen less when people talk.

They also have other traits, such as paranoia and anger. These two traits make communication intimidating or frustrating.

How to Get Out of the ISTP Dark Side

Do you believe you are an unhealthy ISTP? Here are some ways to avoid or get out of the ISTP dark side.

1.   Learn More About Yourself

That’s why you’re here. Learning more about yourself helps you in many ways. First, it opens the door to self-improvement. It also helps you to identify triggers and work on them.

The MBTI and enneagram are great places to start. If you don’t know your type yet, you should research the various MBTI and enneagram types.

There are a lot of articles on ISTPs right here on this website. That’s a good place to start.

2.   Self-care

It’s always a good idea to practice self-care. As stated earlier, unhealthiness usually develops when there’s stress or pressure. Giving yourself time to recuperate is essential.

ISTPs practice self-care by doing the things they love. So, take out time to do these things. Here’s an article that discusses self-care for all MBTI types.

3.   Develop Your Extroverted Feeling Function

Many things might change for an unhealthy ISTP if their Fe was a bit more developed. They’ll care more about others and the harmony of their family or group.

Developing your Fe is a good way to reduce your level of unhealthiness. However, it takes time and conscious effort to pull it off.

4.   See a Therapist

If everything fails, seeing a therapist might be your best bet. They are trained to help you deal with these sorts of problems.

While this is true, ensure you’re comfortable with it before diving in. There are now options for online therapies. So, you can explore that option if it appeals to you.

Commonly Asked Questions About the Unhealthy ISTP

What is a Healthy ISTP Personality?

A healthy ISTP personality displays the normal traits of an ISTP. This does not mean that a healthy ISTP must be a stereotypical ISTP.

However, the absence of extreme traits is a good sign of healthiness.

What do ISTPs Struggle With?

ISTPs might find it harder to look at the bigger picture. This can lead to struggles in business projects. They might lack the patience to follow through when there’s little progress.

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