Understanding Extroverted Intuition (The Ne Function)

Extroverted Intuition

The MBTI is vast. With it comes many dimensions and interpretations. Cognitive functions are an integral part of it all. One such cognitive function is extroverted intuition.

This article focuses on extroverted intuition and everything you should know.

What is Extroverted Intuition?

Extroverted intuition, known as Ne, is responsible for ideas and possibilities. Ne-doms are usually future-oriented and enjoy abstract conversations.

You should also note that where the Ne is on the function stack dictates its overall influence. If it’s the primary function, their auxiliary functions greatly affect how it operates. For example, ENTP and ENFP use the Ne as their primary function.

ENTP uses Ne and Ti backs it up. Thus, ENTPs can create endless ideas and possibilities. Their introverted thinking function then allows them to sieve through those ideas to find the ones that work. This is one reason why ENTPs can think outside the box.

ENFP uses Ne, backed up by Fi. Thus, ENFPs create endless ideas while their introverted feeling function ensures their ideas match up with their values.

This keeps the ENFP in check. Ne-doms are the true definitions of innovation. If you have Ne as your 3rd or 4th function, you might not use the full potential of this function.

Signs That You Use the Ne Function

1.   You’re Scatter-Brained

Ne-doms think of so many possibilities that it can get chaotic. This is especially noticeable when they have to tell others about these ideas. They might speak too fast or jump from one idea to other.

Their scatter-brained nature is a direct effect of having too many ideas. It can also make it harder for some MBTI types to grasp their ideas.

2.   You Know How to Express Yourself

Expressing yourself is not a problem. You usually have so much to say. Most times, the problem is actually over expressing yourself.

You believe your ideas are cool and can’t wait to share them. When you find someone who shares your thought, you get so excited. Keeping quiet becomes a problem.

This is significant because both ENTP and ENFP are introverted extroverts. They seem like super extroverts when this happens.

3.   Change is Everything to You

You need change to stay sane. Change means you get to explore new ideas and possibilities. It also means that you are not stuck in a rut. You yearn to make changes in your life.

When given the opportunity, you get really excited. This is especially true of ne-doms.

4.   Ideas and More Ideas

This follows the last point. It’s almost as if you can’t shut down your head. Ne-doms with Ti might also find it difficult to stop thinking.

Because your head is always buzzing, anything you find interesting is worth exploring.

5.   Mental Sparring is Everything

Mental sparring comes naturally. After all, having lots of ideas keep you going. You’re excited when you meet someone who enjoys the same things you do. You just want to pick their brains.

For Ne-doms, mental sparring is intimacy for them. When they engage you, you’ll become more like a friend.

6.   Gestures and Body Movements

Ne-doms are always eager to share their ideas. This doesn’t just show in how fast they talk. It also shows in their gestures and body movements.

When they are passionate about something, there’s no denying it. They lose complete control over their bodies. Their passion is contagious.

7.   You Love a Good Adventure

Ideas do not only come in words. Sometimes, they come in adventures. Ne users might think of a new adventure and want to execute their idea.

This could be a new game, a dress, or a project. When they want to go on an adventure, nothing can stop them.

8.   You Live in the Future

Being passionate about new things is great. However, it also means a lack of interest in the present. Ne-doms are often too focused on the next big thing that they lose sight of the present.

Thus, past ideas, achievements, and projects perfectly executed are all forgotten in the pursuit of the next shiny thing. That shiny thing is usually an idea.

Which MBTI Types Use Extroverted Intuition?

Cognitive PositionMBTI Types
PrimaryENTP and ENFP
AuxiliaryINTP and INFP
TertiaryESFJ and ESTJ
InferiorISFJ and ISTJ

As you can see, eight MBTI types use the Ne function. However, its position on the function stack determines how much each type relies on this function.

Commonly Asked Questions about Extroverted intuition

How Do You Know If You Have Extroverted Intuition?

If you seem to have lots of ideas and are scatterbrained, there’s a good chance that you use extroverted intuition.

A good way to be sure is to learn more about your MBTI type.

How Do I Control My Extroverted Intuition?

If you’re a Ne-dom, you might reduce its effects by being more interested in what people say. In other words, developing your extroverted feeling (Fe) function is a great way to handle your Ne.

What is the Difference Between Extroverted and Introverted Intuition?

The difference between Ne and Ni is intent. Ne focuses more on sharing their ideas, while Ni focuses on finding new ideas through gathered information.

Ne works with Si to provide more insight into any idea, while Ni’s partner in crime is Se.

You can click this link to learn more about the differences between Ni and Ne.

Do INFJs Use Extroverted Intuition?

No, INFJ uses introverted intuition (Ni) as their dominant function.

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