Understanding Introverted Intuition- The Ni Function

introverted intuition

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The MBTI is not complete without a mastery of cognitive functions. Thankfully, you can find most of them on this website. However, cognitive functions are not complete without the introverted intuition function.

This article discusses introverted intuition in closer detail.

What is Introverted Intuition?

Introverted intuition, or Ni, is a perceiving function that focuses on patterns or connecting the dots. The difference is that Ni is internal and also operates on a subconscious level.

MBTI types that use Ni will notice little things or form unique ideas that others might miss. In Ni-doms’ case, their secondary function is vital in how Ni is seen. For example, INFJ and INTJ are Ni-doms.

INFJs use Ni backed by Fe. In other words, Ni perceives and connects the dots. Once they reach a conclusion, Fe finds the best way to apply this information without creating conflict. So an INFJ will usually attempt to solve a problem with warmth and compassion.

INTJ use Ni backed by Te. In other words, Ni perceives and connects the dots. Once a conclusion is reached, Te verifies the information through objective reasoning. So, an INTJ will usually attempt to solve a problem with logic and objective data.

If you use Ni, it should appear among your first 4 functions. It is usually more pronounced in types that have it in their primary or auxiliary functions.

Signs That You Use the Ni Function

1.   Symbolism is Your Life

Ni is all about patterns. Ni-doms look for these patterns in everything they do. This includes the books they read or the movies they watch.

Symbolism is more like an extension of their gut feeling. It’s also a sort of inspiration to them. The best part is that it’s all effortless.

2.   You Trust Your Gut

Ni-doms tend to trust their guts over impressions or just emptiness. If you’re a Ni-dom, you might feel good about a place without knowing why.

You might also sense trouble brewing without any significant evidence. Because of how often this happens, you’ve learned to trust your guts even against the odds.

Thankfully, you are usually right.

3.   You’re Good At Predicting Events

This follows the last point. Trusting your guts and being able to read hidden truths or patterns allows you to take an accurate guess at future events.

This is one of the reasons why people usually refer to INFJs as psychics. However, this usually works when your Ni is trained.

4.   Abstract Conversations is Your Bread and Butter

Talking about abstract topics fascinates you. You like to talk about theories and “what ifs” more than what’s normal.

Ni-doms are also very future-oriented. So, if you catch yourself thinking about your future plans or where you want to be in 5 years, it’s completely normal.

5.   Observation Comes Easily to Them

Ni-doms find it relaxing to observe. It comes naturally to them, whether it’s other people or just nature.

This is more obvious with INFJs because of the extroverted feeling (Fe) function. This allows them to observe people’s tones, gestures and facial expressions.

6.   They’re Ever Curious

Ni-doms are ever curious. They want to know how everything works. This helps them connect the dots. Unlike extroverted intuition, Ni allows them internally process their ideas and thoughts.

When this happens, the result is usually glorious.

7.   Admit it. You Love Day Dreaming

Because their primary function is introverted, Ni-doms spend much time in their heads. Most of the time, they’re simply daydreaming. Other times, they find solace in simply connecting random events or dots.

If you’ve lived with an Ni-dom, you might notice how they often don’t hear you when you initially call for their attention.

Don’t blame them. They can’t help it.

What MBTI Types Use Ni?

Cognitive FunctionsMBTI Types
PrimaryINFJ and INTJ
AuxiliaryENFJ and ENTJ
TertiaryISFP and ISTP
InferiorESTP and ESFP

As you can see above, eight MBTI types use the Ni function. However, its position on the function stack determines how much each type relies on this function.

Commonly Asked Questions About Introverted Intuition (The Ni Function)

What Does Introverted Intuition Look Like in a Child?

A child using Ni will be extremely curious and ask surprising questions. They’ll show all traits of a Ni-dom. However, most of it might be raw or underdeveloped.

You’ll hardly notice if they use Ni as their tertiary or inferior function.

Is Introverted Intuition Rare?

INTJ and INFJ are two rare types. They are also the types that use Ni as their primary function. So, it’s safe to say that introverted intuition is rare.

Can I Be an Introverted Intuitive Writer?

If you’re a Ni-dom, it’s safe to say that you can be an intuitive writer. Many famous writers or artists have been INFJs.

The sky is your limit.

What is the Difference Between Introverted and Extroverted Intuition?

The difference between Ni and Ne is the focus. Ne is focused on dishing out as many possibilities as possible. It’s basically an idea machine. Ni, on the other hand, pinpoints what they believe is the best idea rather than dishing out hundreds of ideas

You can click that link to see the main differences between Ne and Ni.


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