Understanding Introverted Thinking- The Ti Function

Introverted thinking

Introverted thinking, also known as Ti, is one of the eight cognitive functions. Want to learn more about this function?

This article discusses introverted thinking in closer detail.

What is Introverted Thinking?

Introverted thinking is a function that focuses on decision-making. Ti analyzes information and makes decisions based on their internal thought process.

While this is a simple explanation, the way Ti works is primarily influenced by its position on the function stack. Ti-doms are usually critical thinkers that strive to make logical decisions. Unlike the Fi function, Ti makes these decisions by detaching themselves from their emotions.

For example, Ti-doms are likelier to make career decisions based on logic rather than emotions. Ti is also a filter for information. So, a ti-dom absorbs information from the environment and passes it through Ti to ensure it’s accurate and logical.

If they face a problem, Ti is used to find a solution. As you probably know, each MBTI type uses four cognitive functions.

If you use Ti, it should appear around these four functions. For example, INTP uses Ti as their dominant function, while ESFJ uses Ti as their inferior function.

Signs That You Use the Ti Function

1.   You Stand For Logic

If you are logical, you’re most likely a Ti user. Ti users place a lot of emphasis on logic when making decisions.

While this is true, you could also be a Te user. However, if you do the next thing on the list, the possibility of using Ti increases.

2.   You Spend Most of Your Time in Your Head

Ti-doms spend a lot of time in their head. Here’s why. They are masters at theorizing. Plus, they are thinkers. While some Ti users might seem scattered, their head is super organized.

Because of how much time they spend in their heads, ti-doms will be more reserved and less action-oriented.

3.   You are Opinionated

For people who think a lot, it’s normal to have strong opinions. These opinions have passed through their well-refined Ti.

Thus, they cling to them. This is one of the reasons why Ti-doms or other Ti-users might argue a lot.

They believe in their opinions and thoughts. While that can be frustrating to others, it shows their confidence level.

4.   You love Your Independence

If you use Ti, your independence is something you don’t joke with. That’s why many Ti-doms are usually type 5 in the enneagram.

Ti users want to be independent. This means making their own choices and decisions. This does not mean they will never seek a second opinion. It just means they want to have the final say.

5.   Arguing Makes You Come Alive

As earlier stated, Ti users might enjoy arguing. While arguing can be tiring to some, it makes them come alive.

Usually, they will only argue when it’s something they are passionate about. It allows them to flex their mental muscles. It’s also a way for them to create rapport.

While this is true, it might not end well if you’re a sensitive type.

6.   Internally Organized, Chaos Externally

As earlier stated, ti users are internally organized. They know what their thoughts and plans for the future are. They understand problems quickly and can find solutions in a heartbeat.

However, this is not always the same externally. First, ti-doms are perceiving types. This means they are more flexible and spontaneous. This function is also prone to disorganization.

So, while your brain might be super cool, your external environment might tell a different story.

7.   Theory and Analysis are Your Hallmarks

If you’re a ti user, you love analyzing different possibilities. Here’s why. With Ti comes curiosity. You want to know about everything around you. If this comes with Ne, as in the case of INTPs/ENTPs, it’s heightened.

Thus, you might have hundreds of possibilities in your head. Ti allows you to analyze those possibilities and pick more accurate ones.

That’s a great superpower to have.

What MBTI Types Use Ti?

Cognitive StackMBTI Types
DominantINTP and ISTP
AuxiliaryENTP and ESTP
TertiaryINFJ and ISFJ
InferiorESFJ and ENFJ

As you can see above, eight MBTI types use the Ti function. However, its position on their function stack determines how much each type relies on this cognitive function.

Commonly Asked Questions About Introverted Thinking (Ti Function)

What is the Difference Between Introverted Thinking and Introverted Feeling?

The difference between Ti and Fi boils down to logic and emotions. While Ti is concerned about making logical decisions that suit them, Fi is more concerned about making decisions that appeal to their values.

What is the Difference Between Ti and Te?

The difference between Ti and Te boils down to how logical decisions are made. While Ti is subjective, Te is objective.

Ti looks at patterns and forms their opinions based on how a situation affects them. Te, on the other hand, looks at external metrics and data before making decisions. This includes graphs, surveys, and similar things.

You can click on that link to read a detailed comparison between Ti and Te.

What are Ti Users Good at?

Ti users are great at making analyses and problem-solving. When Ne backs Ti, they become experts at thinking outside the box.

How Can I Improve My Introverted Thinking?

Do more research and play strategy games such as monopoly and chess. A comprehensive study of your hobbies and passions can be a great foundation.

How Do You Know If You’re a Ti-dom?

If you spend a lot of time in your head and never stop thinking, you might be a ti-dom. Other signs include being drawn to analysis or strategy games.

Is Te Better than Ti?

No, Te is not better than Ti. Both functions have their pros and cons. It all depends on how you use them.

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  1. This is one of your well-written articles! I’m starting to understand Introverted Thinking a bit more — my friends an INTP and I understand why she likes theorizing and trying out new thoughts to check where it fits with her internal model… she can be indecisive sometimes


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