What is the INTJ Death Stare?

INTJ Death stare

If you are an INTJ or your close ones are INTJ, then you must have heard or experienced the INTJ death stare. This is one of the trademarks of the INTJ and probably one of the scariest of them all. This stare is very similar to the INFJ stare. However, this is just on another level.

In this article, I’m going to tell you all about the death stare, when it happens, why it happens, and how you should treat the INTJ death stare.

What is the INTJ Death Stare?

The INTJ death stare is a look or stare that is peculiar to the INTJ. This stare is usually very intense or serious and is usually directed at somewhere or someplace random.

For the INTJ, this might not be even done consciously. However, the INTJ stare can make people feel nervous or uncomfortable.

In some cases, people might even feel that the INTJ is going through some trauma during this period.

If you are an INTJ, then you are probably already aware you do this from time to time. However, people hardly ever know what’s really going behind the face of an INTJ.

Why does the INTJ Death Stare Happen?

The INTJ death stare happens because the INTJ is often lost inside their heads. At that point, they are simply not aware of what’s going around them.

This is often put down to their introverted intuition. Because of it, they can spot patterns and understand how certain things connect to each other.

While this is a really cool gift, it can also make them spend a lot more time in their heads. Sometimes, they do this even more than they realize.

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When Does the INTJ Death Stare Happen?

Here are some situations where you can expect this intense stare to happen

1.      The INTJ Death Stare Happens In The Middle Of a Thought Process

As earlier said, the INTJ uses introverted intuition to process the world around them. Thus, they are always going to be thinking about a lot of things.

INTJs use their thought process for several things. Sometimes, that thought process is to help them pick the best solution to a problem.

Other times, their thought process is to help them pick the most realistic idea or see them planning their full day schedule.

This also means that the INTJ might have little or no control over their facial recognition. It simply happens when it does.

If you look at them regularly, chances are that you are going to catch them in the middle of a thought process.

When this happens, you are going to see this death or intense stare on their faces.

2.      The INTJ Is Full Of Emotions

The INTJ response to a truckload of emotions is usually the death stare. Here’s why. The INTJ considers emotions as weak or being vulnerable.

Thus, they tend to avoid them when they can. INTJs pride themselves on being extremely logical.

While that is true, they are still humans in the end. This means that the INTJ can get angry, sensitive, or jealous, although to a lesser degree.

The INTJ is also aware that this could happen. So, instead of displaying how they feel like most feeler types, the INTJ will try to mask this feeling.

They are likely going to do this by giving the world the INTJ death stare. The INTJ prefers to look intimidating and in control rather than look emotional.

3.      The INTJ Is Neutral

While we probably have a lot of things going in our life, there are sometimes when we are simply ourselves or neutral. We have that face that comes on.

For the INTJ, that face is often the death stare. They simply put that face on when they do not have anything to think about or do.

So, what you consider to be a death stare could simply be their default look. Do not judge a book by its cover.

4.      They Are Ready For the Fight

If there is something that INTJs hate, it’s being controlled openly or subtly. They are fiercely independent and want to remain that way.

So, when they sense that they are about to be controlled by others, the INTJ is more likely to put up a fight. They are going to totally resist the attempt to be controlled.

Their first line of resistance is going to be the INTJ death stare. That stare is going to make them seem scary and intimidating. For most people, it’s going to do the job.

If it doesn’t, then you are going to see the INTJ express themselves in ways you didn’t know was possible.

If people around thought the INTJ didn’t know how to do this, they are going to be in for a rude awakening.

5.      They Want Space

Let’s be honest. There are more extroverts in the world today than introverts. This means that there is a lot more talking going on. The INTJ is a super introvert.

Sometimes, they simply do not want to be disturbed. However, this can be hard to tell others. The INTJ death stare does the job perfectly.

Throw in some ear pods, and you have the complete INTJ look. What this does is that it reduces the likelihood of being approached by others over trivial matters.

6.      INTJs Are Interested In Your Ideas

The INTJ is someone who loves the big picture. So, they will always be ready to learn about innovative novel ideas.

When they feel your idea is great, the INTJ might be processing your idea and listening to you at the same time. Their line of process is to analyze how realistic this new idea is. That can easily lead to the INTJ death stare.

In this situation, the INTJ has completely no idea this is happening. They are simply trying to process their thoughts and listen at the same time.

7.      The INTJ Has a Tough Decision to Make

INTJs make incredible leaders. This often means that they have to take tough decisions. To make these tough decisions, the INTJ will have to look tough and show little signs of emotions.

This will allow them to make such decisions easily. Looking tough starts with the face. So, the INTJ will often have a poker face or the INTJ death stare in place.

How Should You Treat The INTJ Death Stare?

The INTJ death stare can be treated or viewed from two angles depending on the circumstances. Sometimes, that intense stare is the default look of the INTJ.

Other times, the INTJ can be experiencing so many emotions. During that period, it’s way better to tread lightly.

However, you should remember that INTJs are really great people to be friends with. So, don’t be afraid to approach them when you really need their help.



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