Who is the Assertive ESFJ (ESFJ-A)?


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ESFJs are the consul of the MBTI typology. Their people-oriented nature makes them wonderful companions and friends. ESFJs can be divided into ESFJ-T and ESFJ-A.

In this article, we’ll look at the ESFJ-A in closer detail. If you want to take a closer look at the ESFJ-T, you can click this link.

Who is the ESTJ-A?

This is the assertive ESFJ. They take a more assertive approach to life. This attitude shows in their decisions and behavior.

You should know that the ESFJ-A and ESFJ-T share exactly the same cognitive function. The only difference is in their approach to situations and decisions.

What are ESFJ-As Like?

Wondering what to expect from an ESFJ-A? Here are some quick facts.

1.      Super Extroverts

ESFJ-As will be a lot more social and popular than other ESFJs. They will often be the life of the party and tend to dominate conversations.

They do this without being seen as rude. Instead, the ESFJ-A often finds a unique way to bring people together. Because their dominant function is the Fe, they can read any room and quickly decipher the underlying tone.

2.      More Independent

ESFJ-A are more independent people. They tend to rely on themselves more and this definitely shows. Thus, they are less likely to allow people to influence their decisions.

While this is true, you should remember that ESFJs, by default are social animals. This means that others have a major influence over them. However, this will be less evident in the ESFJ-A.

Thus, they are less likely to be people-pleasers.

3.      ESFJ-A and Enneagram Types

ESFJ-As are more likely to be type 2s than any other enneagram type. However, they can also be type 6s. When ESFJs are type 6s, they are more likely to have 7 as a wing.

To learn more about enneagram 6w7, you can click that link.

When they are type 2s, they are more likely to have 3 as a wing. If you want to learn more about enneagram 2w3, you can click that link.

4.      Decisive

Just like most assertive types, ESFJ-As are more decisive than your usual ESFJ. This comes with its pros and cons.

One of them is making quick decisions that might be urgent. The con, though, is an increased likelihood of making mistakes along the way.

Assertive ESFJs might look like ESFPs in this area.

5.      More Reckless

The price of being more assertive often means that you make more mistakes. These mistakes might make them seem more reckless and impulsive to others.

To improve on this trait, assertive ESFJs will need to find a way to balance things out. There is a time for everything and this personality type will need to learn that fast.

6.      ESFJ-A and Emotions

ESFJ-As are less likely to be affected by negative emotions. Thus, they can often make decisions even if those decisions are heavily criticized.

You should always remember that this trait is often in comparison with other ESFJs. In the big picture, the ESFJ will still crave the feedback of their closest friends when making a decision.

They will often follow their advice especially if that person seems to be well-versed in that area.

7.      ESFJ-A and Finances

ESFJ-As will often have a plan for their finances. Like most judger types, they will have a budget and their targets each month.

While this is true, ESFJ-As will have a harder time keeping to those targets. Their major sources of spending will often be clothes and experiences.

ESFJ-A and Dating

ESFJ-As are blessed with a strong introverted feeling (Fe) function. This allows them to focus on the other person. This generally applies in their romantic relationships.

Thinking of dating the assertive ESFJ? Here are some things you should know.

·         Loyal People

ESFJs, in general, can be very loyal people. The relationships they form with others can be very important to them.

Thus, you can expect a partner that will stick by you. While this is true, an immature ESFJ might be a flirt.

However, ESFJ-As can be counted on for their support in a relationship.

·         Good Communicators

ESFJs are excellent communicators. Most ESFJs have mastered the art of truly listening to people. When they do, they tend to understand the feelings of others on a grand scale.

They can also convey their own thoughts effectively. If you are dating a mature ESFJ-A, then expect to feel heard in the relationship.

·         Gift Giving

ESFJs especially enjoy giving and receiving gifts. Thus, if you are in a relationship with them, you shouldn’t hold back on the gifts.

While this is nice, make sure you don’t neglect other important parts of the relationship to focus on gift-giving.

Who are ESFJ-As Compatible with?

The natural partners of the ESFJ-A are the INFP-T and the ISFP-A. However, any two mature people can make a relationship work.

Struggles that ESFJ-A Might Face

·         Negative Feedback

ESFJs do not want negative feedback from their partners. They want to make their partners happy. Thus, any such feedback might make them believe they have failed.

So, if you are dating an ESFJ, save the criticism to only when it’s really needed. Your ESFJ-A will really appreciate this.

·         Giving too much of themselves

ESFJ-As are often extremely popular. This means that people rely on them for various things. Thus, there’s always a chance that they might burn themselves out.

This might also mean little or no time to be with their partners. This might be an even bigger problem if their partner is a big fan of quality time.

ESFJ-A and Career Options

ESFJ-A thrives in jobs that require interactions with people with a good structure in place. Since they are very practical people, they desire to assist and realistically help people. Thus, their career is often geared towards jobs that offer them this opportunity.

To get the best out of the ESFJ-A, put them in a role that allows them to interact with as many people as they can.

Best Careers for ESFJ-A

  • Social Worker
  • Clergy
  • Counsel
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Receptionist
  • Dentist
  • Surgeon
  • Nurse
  • Psychologist
  • Paralegal
  • Caterer
  • Writer

Worse Careers for ESFJ-A

  • Lawyer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Editor
  • Electrician
  • Mechanic


  1. Thank you for sharing some interesting info.

    INTJ female here gratefully and contentedly married to a hardworking, ambitious and charismatic ESFJ doctor

  2. Thank you for sharing some interesting info.
    INTJ female here gratefully and contentedly married to a hardworking, ambitious and charismatic ESFJ doctor


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