Who is the Assertive ESFP (ESFP-A)?


If you have met an ESFP, you’ll remember them for sure. They are the life of the party and undeniably wonderful entertainers. ESFPs are super extroverts who get their energy from interactions with the outside world. There are two subtypes of the ESFP. These are the ESFP-A and the ESFP-T.

Here, we’ll focus on the ESFP-A.

Who is the ESFP-A?

This is the assertive ESFP. They take a more direct approach to life and decisions. Just as their name implies, they want to assert their will and take control of their life.

You should remember that the ESFP-A and ESFP-T share the same cognitive functions. The only difference between these types is in the last letter.

Thus, both personality types will have similar behaviors and attitudes.

What are ESFP-As Like?

Wondering what to expect from an assertive ESFP? Here are some of their common traits.

1.      Super Extroverts

ESFPs are extroverts by nature. However, assertive ESFPs are really just beyond extroverts. They are truly the life of the party and can keep their energy levels up for long periods.

Thus, if you are looking to go partying or simply have a good time, assertive ESFPs are the right people to call.

2.      Motivated

ESFP-As are very motivated. Because they have so much energy to give, this personality type will come off as quite confident. This is not just on the surface though.

The ESFP-A is often motivated to power their way through any career they want. They often do this while being as cheerful as ever.

3.      More Confrontational

ESFPs, in general, do not like conflict. They try to avoid it when they can. While their love for conflict is low, assertive ESFPs will be a lot more confrontational than your usual ESFPs.

They will state their business and look to confront issues head-on. Because they are already extroverts, they might do this in a loud way. That can be upsetting to some personality types.

4.      Decisive

ESFP-As are decisive people. They are more likely to make quick decisions regardless of the consequences.

As with most things in life, these decisions often come with rewards and consequences. In some cases, this personality type might look like a genius or a lucky lad.

In other situations when things go wrong, they might look reckless or childish.

Thus, ESFP-As need to strike a balance when making decisions.

5.      Dealing with Emotions

ESFPs are feelers. Thus, they can be quite sensitive and emotional. ESFP-As however, have better control over those emotions.

They are also able to express their emotions quite clearly. Thus, people are actually never in doubt about the feelings of this personality type.

For ESFP-As, handling their emotions is a way to control their lives. That is exactly what they crave.

Being more in control of their emotions might also mean that they are better at handling forgiveness.

While they can get really angry, ESFP-As might find it quite easy to let go of resentment.

6.      More Optimistic

ESFP-As are optimistic people. They strongly believe that things will work out just fine. This also shows in the way they approach difficult situations.

Assertive ESFPs believe in their ability to bring themselves out of the most challenging situations they face. Because of this belief, they are often more willing to take on challenges and risks.

7.      ESFP-A and Enneagram Types

ESFP-As are more likely to be type 7s than any other type. A slight majority would have a type 8 as their wing.

ESFP-As can also identify as type 2s. When they do, they are more likely to have a type 3 as a wing. However, type 2 and type 7 can easily be mistyped.

To learn about the differences between type 2 and type 7, you can click that link.

ESFP-A and Dating

If you are planning on dating an assertive ESFP, then you have to be ready for spontaneous activities. ESFPs live their lives on the edge and are quite unpredictable. These traits follow them right into their relationships.

They want to feel alive in their relationship. To ESFP-As, their relationship should open doors and more adventures to them. This is one trait that is very important to them.

Thinking of dating an ESFP-A? Here are some other things you should know.

·        ESFP-A and Compatibility

The natural partners of the ESFP-A are the ISTJ-T or the ISFJ-T. While this is true, ESFPs are largely compatible with types that are both introverts (I) and sensors (S).

However, any two mature people can make a relationship work if they put in the right effort.

·        Memorable

If there’s one word to describe ESFP and their relationships, that word is memorable. They can turn your world upside down and fill it with so much excitement than you thought was possible.

If you are dating an ESFP, then you can be sure that you are in for some crazy good times.

·        Physical Touch and Gifts

ESFPs are likely to have physical touch or gift-giving as one of their top two love languages. Thus, don’t hesitate to show them you care through these channels.

If you plan on giving them gifts, make sure that the gift is thoughtful and is actually something they want.

Struggles You Should Expect When Dating an ESFP-A

1.      Flighty

ESFPs are the most likely personality type to feel trapped in a relationship. Thus, they often go for casual flings and avoid making promises.

This also applies to assertive ESFPs. They find it hard to settle down and would rather not make any commitment. This can be a problem for ISTJs and ISFJs who are interested in a committed relationship.

2.      Scattered and Impulsive

While their spontaneous nature can bring life to a relationship, ESFP-A can be quite scattered. They will find it hard to keep routines or meet up with schedules.

This is even more prominent if they are not yet mature. This is something that can put a strain on their relationship.

ESFP-A and Career Options

ESFPs are very creative people. Thus, they can excel in career paths that involve creativity and has artistic appeal.

Because they are sensors, they are also very realistic and practical. ESFP-As will excel when their career provides an outlet for them to showcase their creativity.

To get the best out of ESFP-As, make sure their role is creative, expressive, and practical.

Best Careers for the ESFP-A

  • Actor/Actress
  • Model
  • Musician
  • Nurse
  • Police Officer
  • Military Officer
  • Chef
  • Sales Representative
  • Social Worker
  • Advertising Manager
  • HR Manager

Careers to Avoid for ESFP-A

  • Judge
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Auditor
  • Economist
  • Political Scientist
  • Compliance Officer

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