Who is the Assertive INTJ (INTJ-A)?


We all love INTJs for all they bring to the table. Even when it comes to anime characters, INTJs are simply killing it. They are rightly one of the more mysterious MBTI personality types we have. INTJs can be divided into two variant types. These are the INTJ-A and INTJ-T.

In this article, we will be looking specifically at the INTJ-A and what we can expect from this MBTI type.

Who is the INTJ-A?

This is the assertive logistician. They are a variant of the core INTJ. These types have all the main characteristics of an INTJ. However, they will be assertive in the way they approach their day-to-day life.

These traits differentiate them from the INTJ-T who are their counterparts.

What are INTJ-As Like?

Looking to know more about the INTJ-As? Here are some things you should naturally expect.

1.      More Extroverted

INTJs are super introverts. This generally means that they like their alone time and gain energy when they spend long periods alone.

However, the INTJ-As will be a lot more outgoing. They will be confident among extroverts and will be able to hold their ground.

It is very easy to mistype the INTJ-A as an ENTJ. However, the INTJ-A is still a super introvert. Thus, they still need tons of time alone.

2.      More Confident

INTJs are very meticulous people. They want to make sure that they have done a good job. INTJs are often type 5s with a 6 wing. This means that they worry a lot about things such as doing a bad job.

However, INTJ-As will be much more reassured and confident in themselves. They will believe they can scale and will seem less intense than their counterparts.

While this might them look more confident, it often leaves them open to more mistakes. Thus, an INTJ-A is often less meticulous or careful than an INTJ-T.

That’s the price they pay for being more confident.

3.      More Impulsive

INTJs are great thinkers. They often look at things from all angles before making a decision. However, INTJ-As will often be more impulsive in their approach to life.

They will also be more willing to take on projects that they are interested in. INTJs, in general, will mull over decisions for a long while before taking a step.

Things come way easier for an INTJ-A.

4.      More Decisive

While INTJ-A can be a bit impulsive, this also comes with an advantage. They are a lot more decisive. They tend to make decisions and act on them.

This means that they are always in control of their lives and this can often be a big advantage for them.

The downside to this is that being decisive too soon might make them miss some loopholes which might impact their decisions. The key to getting this right is to be balanced.

5.      More Opinionated

INTJ-As have strong opinions and values. In fact, most INTJs do. However, INTJ-As are more likely to voice these opinions. They are more assertive as stated earlier and are not afraid of public scrutiny.

The INTJ-A will also be more inclined to take up arguments. For this reason, some INTJ-As can mistype themselves as ENTP or INTP.

6.      Enneagram Types

INTJ-As are more likely to be enneagram 5s. If they are enneagram 5, they will most likely have a type 6 wing. This can work both ways.

They can also be enneagram 8s. If they are type 8s, they will often have a type 9 wing.

The most common enneagram type for all INTJs is enneagram 5. To read more about enneagram 5, you should click that link.

INTJ-A and Dating

If you plan or are dating an INTJ-A, there is definitely something you should know. They will help you understand your partner better than ever.

Here’s what you need to know about INTJ-As and relationships.

·         INTJ-A and Compatibility

The natural partners of the INTJ-As are ENTP-Ts and ENFP-Ts. They will likely do best with partners that are extroverted and turbulent.

However, any two mature people can make a relationship work just fine.

·         Direct Communication

INTJ-As want direct and honest communication with their partner. They want to know if there is an issue and sort it out. For this type, passive-aggressiveness is not really an option.

Thus, they will often not do well with people who struggle to address problems directly. If you want to date an INTJ-A, you have to be ready to communicate effectively.

·         Meaningful Conversations

Like most intuitive types, one of their key requirements is genuine conversations. They want to talk about the world with you.

So, get ready to have long conversations about pretty much everything. INTJ-A find mental stimulation to be essential if they are with a partner.

·         INTJ-As are very Independent

If you are going to date an INTJ-A, you should know that they are very independent. They want to have their own space to pursue their goals. If you are dating an INTJ female, she will need time for herself.

That is really something you have to respect.

Struggles INTJ-As Face in a Relationship

1.      Clueless in Romance

INTJs suffer from these problems in general. INTJ-As will struggle to understand the concept of romance and how to approach it.

For most INTJ-As, they approach every relationship as a problem that needs to be solved. If an INTJ-A is married to a feeler type or a type who is fascinated by romance, this might be a big problem.

2.      Insensitive

INTJ-As can be insensitive to the feelings of their partner. Just like the general INTJs, they are very much in love with logic and they approach relationships in the same vein.

This can put a strain on their relationship if they unintentionally hurt their partner.

INTJ-A and Career Options

INTJ-A often excels in positions that require creativity and in-depth understanding. They are solution-oriented and will often attack any problem they face with understanding and precision.

To get the best out of them, make sure that they understand their role in the organizations. INTJs can also be their bosses and work independently.

Here are some of the best careers for INTJ-As

  • Lawyer
  • Mathematician
  • Top executive
  • Political scientist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Judge
  • Writer

Careers that INTJ-As Should Avoid

  • Pre-school teacher
  • Clergy
  • Social worker
  • Hotel Clerk
  • Receptionist
  • Administrative staff

Growth Tips for INTJ-A

  • Try to give the emotional responses of others validation. Everyone has their own way of processing the situations they face.
  • It might be a blessing to think things through before making a decision. This will allow you to gauge its success or failure.


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