Who is the Assertive INTP (INTP-A)?


If you’re an INTP, traits like logical and deep thinkers will probably resonate with you. INTPs are known for their mastery of analysis and deep thinking. However, not all INTPs are the same. One division categorizes this personality type into two. These are the INTP-T and INTP-A.

Here, we’ll focus a bit more on the INTP-A. If you want an in-depth description of the INTP-T, you should click that link.

Who is an INTP-A?

This is the assertive INTP. Like other assertive subtypes, this type takes a more hands-on approach to their lives. This shows clearly in their decision-making process, their handling of emotions, and much more.

While these traits differentiate them from other INTPs, they still share the cognitive functions that is present in the INTP-T.

What are INTP-As Like?

1.      More Extroverted

While the INTPs are often regarded as pure or super introverts, INTP-As will differ. Because they like to assert themselves, they will be more extroverted.

They will speak out more and will generally interact with others better. This will especially be evident when they speak about things they are passionate about.

It is easy to mistype them as the ENTP. While this is true, assertive INTPs will still need a lot of alone time.

2.      Brimming with Confidence

Assertive INTPs are very confident people. They take confidence in their abilities and are sure of their actions. This might even sound a bit like arrogance to other types.

Their confidence can have both significant pros as well as cons. Because they are confident, they are less likely to suffer from self-esteem issues.

They are also more likely to make quick and sure decisions in emergencies. The downside is that confidence can easily lead to two things. Arrogance or overconfidence.

Each option can have disastrous consequences for the assertive INTPs. It can also make them reckless and impulsive.

3.      More Consistent

As earlier stated, INTP-As are very confident people. Because they are confident in themselves, they will be more consistent in their actions.

This makes them more reliable than other INTPs. This impacts their career paths and the level of responsibility people place on them.

4.      INTP-A and Enneagram Types

INTPs are more likely to be type 5s than any other enneagram type. Assertive INTPs are no different. If they are type 5s, they are more likely to have type 4 as a wing.

While this is the most likely enneagram type for them, people are different. Thus, INTP-As are also likely to be type 6s or type 4s.

5.      INTP-A and Dealing with Emotions

Emotion is a touchy topic for INTPs. They prefer to use logic when dealing with issues. INTP-As is one subtype that embraces this ideology.

Thus, they usually have full or near full control of their emotions. This has its own benefits and drawbacks.

INTP-As will be less sensitive to emotional outbursts and criticisms. they will also be able to take constructive criticism from others when necessary. While this is true, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be pushovers.

The drawback here is that INTP-As will not be able to offer emotional support to those who need it. They will not understand the emotions of other people. If they do, they just won’t relate to them.

INTP-As are also less likely to have a temper. However, when they do have angry outbursts, it can be scary.

6.      Independent

INTP-As want to assert themselves over their own business and lives. Thus, it’s only natural that they will be independent people.

They will rely on themselves, make their own decision, and yearn to reach a level of self-sufficiency. While this certainly makes them mature and responsible people, the need to be independent also exposes other flaws.

INTP-As might be reluctant to seek help from others even when they are in dire need. They might also not take valuable advice given to them in a bid to keep their self-sufficiency.

This can have bad consequences for them.

INTP-A and Dating

Thinking of dating an assertive INTP? The most important thing you should know is that this type is attracted to intelligent or confident people.

I dare say INTPs are sapiosexuals. Thus, while bodily attraction is appealing to everyone, the true winner is someone that can stimulate their minds. Do this and the job is half done.

Here are other things you should naturally expect.

·        Struggle to Express Emotions

This is not a stereotype. INTP-As will struggle to voice out their deepest emotions. So, if you rely on words to feel loved, you might be in for a struggle.

While this is true, all hope is not lost. You just need to give them time. With time, they will trust you more and allow themselves to be vulnerable.

·        They need to form a Connection

INTPs love forming connections with those they love. This is really the same for INTP-As. One way they do this is by quality discussions.

They will be interested in your life and what makes you tick. They will want to know even the tiniest details. For some reason, you’ll seem more interesting than their thoughts.

Take it or leave it, that’s a big win for you.

·        They Let You into their Inner Circle

INTPs are very private people. They have few friends and usually love them to death. If you are dating an INTP-A, just know that you will be introduced to their inner circle.

Their hope is for all of you to get along with them just fine. So, don’t be surprised or overwhelmed when they can’t wait to tell their friends all about you.

·        INTP-A and Love Languages

Quality time, words of affirmation and acts of service are most likely to be among the top 3 love languages. Most INTPs will have quality time as their top love language.

So, make sure you carve out time for just you and your INTP partner. It’ll be amazing.

·        INTP-A and Compatibility

The natural partners of the INTP-A are the ESTJ-T or the ENTJ-T. While this is true, any two mature people can make a relationship work.

INTP-A and the Workplace

INTPs excel in a work environment that promotes creativity and innovation. This is largely the same for the INTP-A. They want to work with people that value creativity.

Just like most INTPs, having a bit of flexibility is also a big plus to them. They do not like rigid structures and will revolt if placed in a box.

To get the best out of this personality type, make sure you place them in a role that offers creativity and flexibility.

Try not to suppress their opinions too. That doesn’t end well.

Best Careers for INTP-A

  • Lawyer
  • Politician
  • Scientist
  • Pharmacist
  • Professor
  • Political Scientist
  • Historian
  • Financial Analyst
  • Economist

Worse Careers for INTP-A

  • Missionary
  • Counselor
  • Clergy
  • Farmer
  • Plumber
  • Mechanic
  • Administrative Officer

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