Who is the Assertive ISFJ (ISFJ-A)?


We love the ISFJ for their honor, love, and commitment to those they love. However, not all ISFJs are the same. ISFJ 6w5, for example, goes completely against the stereotype. There are broadly two classes of ISFJs. These are the ISFJ-A and the ISFJ-T.

This article will focus on the ISFJ-A. if you want to learn more about the ISFJ-T, you can click this link.

Who is the ISFJ-A?

This is the assertive guardian. They take a more direct approach to life. This approach influences their attitudes and the decisions they make.

While assertive and turbulent ISFJs approach life differently, their cognitive functions are pretty much the same.

ISFJ-A are rarer than ISFJ-Ts. Thus, they often go against the main traits that people use to identify the ISFJ.

What are ISFJ-As Like?

Wondering what to expect from an ISFJ-A? Here are some common traits.

1.      More Extroverted

While ISFJs are generally introverts, assertive ISFJs look like extroverts. Thus, they often socialize with people longer and talk more.

Thus, they have a more solid social life and influence than most ISFJs. Their extroverted nature also means that they can become quite popular.

People might even mistake them for the ESFJ.

2.      Talk More, Listen Less

As earlier stated, this personality type is more extroverted. While this might result in more social traits, it has an impact on their communication strengths.

ISFJ-As might find it hard to listen to others on the same scale with ISFJ-Ts. Thus, they might misread their partners or simply listen to respond.

3.      More Independent

ISFJs are great team players. They like to listen and consider people’s opinions. While this is true, ISFJ-As will be less inclined to do so.

They are more independent and want to make their own decisions. This makes them less likely to be people pleasers.

These traits also have some drawbacks. It might make ISFJ-As less likely to consider all the issues before making a decision.

4.      ISFJ-A and Enneagram Types

ISFJ-A are more likely to type 1 than any other type. They can also be type 6 and type 9. When there are type 1, they will have type 9 as a wing.

This makes sense as type 1 is generally more assertive than type 9 and type 2.

5.      More Confident

This personality type is generally more confident than other ISFJs. They understand their capabilities and are confident in their abilities.

This does not mean that ISFJ-T is always less confident. It just means that you are bound to notice this trait more in the assertive ISFJ.

6.      More Likely to Gain Recognition

Assertive ISFJs are more confident in their abilities. They also have a perfectionistic streak. This sets them up for great things in their careers and workplace.

Thus, they are more likely to gain recognition among their peers and colleagues. This does not mean that ISFJ-As are proud people.

It just means that they know how to make themselves seen and heard.

7.      Confrontational

Assertive ISFJs are more opinionated and expressive. This means that they are not afraid to make their intentions known when needed.

This can make them come across as quite confrontational. This personality type is bold and finds it easier to hold fast to their opinions and principles.

ISFJ-A and Dating

ISFJs love the idea of being in a relationship. This is true of assertive ISFJs too. They want to be in long-term relationships that offer a lot of stability.

This personality type often takes a traditional view of romance and love. So, if you can, don’t hesitate to take them on dinner dates. Bring their favorite flowers on the way too.

Assertive ISFJs also find it delightful when their partners share similar views on important matters. These might include matters concerning politics, religion, and stuff like that.

To them, compatibility means being united in every way possible.

·        ISFJ-A and Compatibility

The natural partners of ISFJ-A are the ESTP-T and the ESFP-T. While this is true, any two mature people can make a relationship work regardless of their personality types.

You also have to factor in other factors such as background and enneagram types. So, picking a partner solely on their MBTI type does not give you the complete picture.

·        Reliable

ISFJ-As are very reliable people. Because they have a perfectionistic streak, they can get things done quickly and efficiently.

This transcends to their romantic relationships. Their partners can count on them when push comes to shove.

For the ISFJ-As, helping their partners brings them a lot of joy.

·        Supportive

ISFJ-As are also very supportive. They generally want to see their partners happy. This means that assertive ISFJs will put in the work to make the relationship successful.

If their partners also do their part, there won’t be a lot of issues moving forward.

Struggles to Expect when dating an ISFJ-A

·        Perfectionists

While being perfectionistic can be a wonderful gift, it can also be a weakness. This personality type might strive to be perfect and will never be satisfied with anything less.

As we all know, perfection is usually not possible. Thus, ISFJ-As might find themselves chasing a higher standard in their relationship.

This might make them miss out on other experiences in the relationship.

·        Problem with Adapting

ISFJ-As like a bit of security. They are also sensors. Thus, they often have issues with adapting. Thus, any change in the relationship can be quite overwhelming to them.

If you are dating an assertive ISFJ, make sure that you discuss any change in the relationship. Never take them unaware. That won’t end well.

ISFJ-A and Career Options

ISFJs love roles that are practical and realistic. They want to work in a harmonious and organized workplace.

They also like to be aware of their roles. To get the best out of the assertive ISFJ, make sure they are placed in a structured environment.

It should also be an environment that encourages them to express themselves and their opinions.

Best Careers for ISFJ-A

  • Nurse
  • Social Worker
  • Childcare worker
  • HR Specialist/Manager
  • Compliance Officer
  • Pharmacist
  • Optometrist
  • Sales Manager
  • Blogger

Worst Careers for the ISFJ-A

  • Attorney
  • Actor
  • Journalist
  • Executive
  • Mechanical Engineer

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