Who is the ENFJ Male? (A Helpful Guide)


The ENFJ is the protagonist of the MBTI typology. Their charisma and ability to make others feel loved can make you feel addicted to them. This type leads with extroversion, intuition, feeling, and judging functions. The ENFJ male certainly emanates this in every way possible. In some ways, the ENFJ male is one of the most liked sub-type in the MBTI.

So what can we really expect from the ENFJ male? Let’s find out.

Quick Facts about the ENFJ Male

1.      The power of Fe

You could say that the superpower of the ENFJ male is their Fe. This allows them to tune into other people’s feelings and emotions.

It also helps them to adjust to the behavior of others. Most times, the ENFJ does not do this consciously. It just happens.

This can also give them a bad rep. Most people see this trait of the ENFJ as being fake or manipulative. This is because the ENFJ male does not show others who they really are. Instead, they focus on just you and how you feel.

2.      The ENFJ male Really Just Wants to Help You

Because ENFJs lead with Fe, they are fascinated with you and how you behave. They want to know everything about you. Interestingly, they want to use this knowledge to be of help to you.

It’s not surprising then that a large portion of ENFJs identifies as enneagram 2. They are people who can discuss your problems with you for hours without complaining.

3.      ENFJ Men Love Meaningful Conversations

The ENFJ male really cannot stand small talk. They want to have deep meaningful conversations with anyone they meet or are friends with. This is what makes the ENFJ tick.

These conversations are cherished by them long after the conversation ended. It’s also their way of communicating with you. Who knows? If you talk to an ENFJ long enough, they might just seem willing to tell you more about themselves.

4.      They are Big Romantics

Yes, the ENFJ is a big romantic. This is another area where the ENFJ gets some bad rep. They are often seen as flirty and flighty in a relationship.

This is often because they are so interested in others. They want to start up conversations. Thus, the ENFJ might flirt with others just to get to know them better.

The rationale here is that someone who is attracted to you will want to talk more about their feelings. Despite this impulse, ENFJs want to fall in love. They are big romantics at heart.

When they finally find someone they love, they are willing to stick to them for good.

5.      They are great leaders

ENFJ males are great leaders. Their ability to read people like a charm plus their willingness to serve makes them really awesome leaders.

They want to help others reach their potential and will usually stop at nothing in achieving this. Thus, if you are looking for an inspiring leader to push your team to success, the ENFJ male is your best bet.

6.      ENFJ men have a vivid imagination

At their core, ENFJs are very intuitive. This means that their creative side runs wild. This also blesses them with an imaginative mind.

They are big idea people and usually have the grit to carry out any project they set their minds to.

ENFJ Men and their Careers

The ENFJ male will work best when they are in a harmonious environment. This will allow them to bring out their creative side and solve problems.

It also allows them to inspire people to greatness. This makes them good leaders and managers. People will usually like to work with the ENFJs as they have a way of putting people at ease.

ENFJs, in general, will feel extremely satisfied when they are working with a goal that will benefit mankind.

Here are some careers that ENFJ men will naturally excel in

·         Politician

ENFJ men will make really good politicians. Their ability to serve and give their best will be the highlight of their tenures.

It is not surprising that politicians such as Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden are believed to be ENFJs. People will feel inspired by them and will naturally vote them into power.

·         Psychologist

As earlier stated, the superpower of ENFJs might very well be their use of Fe. This helps them pinpoint people’s problems before they even know that was their own intention.

With this and their willingness to help others reach their potential, the ENFJ male will make an excellent psychologist. They will be able to help others without making them feel awkward or coercing it out of them.

Here are other careers in which the ENFJ male will find fulfillment

  • Social worker
  • Lawyer
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Film Director
  • Actor
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Anthropologist

Careers ENFJ Males Should Avoid

  • Computer programmer
  • Mechanic
  • Technician
  • Carpenter
  • Electrician
  • Auditor

The ENFJ Male and Dating

Are you dating an ENFJ man? If you are, there are a couple of things you can do to make them happy.

Here are some of them.

1.      Physical Touch and Gifts

If you have met any ENFJ man, then you will realize that they are big huggers. It’s really not a surprise that physical touch and gifts are usually among their top three love languages.

ENFJs especially love homemade gifts. To them, it shows that you have put in a lot of effort just for them.

This simply blows their mind away.

2.      They Want You to Be Interested In Them

Your ENFJ man will always be interested in you. They are going to make you feel really special. This can make you forget that you are also supposed to show interest in them.

They crave that. While they might have difficulty opening up at first, they really want you to be interested.

With time, the ENFJ male will tell you more things about themselves. You will be surprised about how little you know about them.

If you never show that you care, then you might never know more about them. They are far from an open book.

3.      ENFJs Love Adventures

ENFJs love a good adventure. They want to see the world. They are also big suckers for beautiful things. If you plan on dating an ENFJ, be prepared for an adventure of a lifetime.

As far as they can afford it, they will give you the best life can afford.

4.      ENFJ Will Support You When They Love You

While you probably think the ENFJ male supports pretty much everyone, you’ll see an even higher level of support when they actually love you.

They are going to do everything in their power to make sure you achieve your targets in life. You might never get a more supportive partner than them.

5.      Being Confident Is A Great Way to Attract the ENFJ Male

The ENFJ male will always choose a confident partner over any other quality. When their partner is confident in their abilities, it makes them more attractive and appealing to the ENFJ.

They really want to know more about this confident person. You definitely will have their full attention.

ENFJ men can be very addictive to friends and family. Everyone just wants a piece of them. If you have one in your life, then you should really be happy.

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