Who is the Turbulent ENFJ (ENFJ-T)?


ENFJs are the champions and leaders of the MBTI typology. They are compassionate, assertive, and ready to stand up for others. What’s not to like about this personality? On a broad scale, there are two subtypes of ENFJs. These are the ENFJ-A and the ENFJ-T.

Here, we’ll focus more on ENFJ-T and what you can expect from this personality type.

Who is an ENFJ-T?

This is the turbulent protagonist. They take on a laid-back or non-assertive approach to life. This approach naturally shows in their decisions and choices.

You should know that ENFJ-T and ENFJ-A have the same cognitive functions. The only difference between both types is the letter at the end.

Thus, ENFJ-T will still have the same qualities of the ENFJ. However, they will display it in a slightly different manner.

What are ENFJ-Ts Like?

1.      More Self-Conscious

ENFJs care about how they look and the impression they have on others. That’s a given. However, this is more evident with turbulent ENFJs. This type is self-conscious about their appearance.

This doesn’t just apply to fashion sense. It might also apply to physical appearance and hygiene. This has both good and bad consequences.

It definitely means that turbulent ENFJs will dress better and be more concerned about their appearance. The downside, though, is that this personality type might attach a significant portion of their self-esteem to how they look and the impression they create.

That’s certainly not a good way to go.

2.      Dealing with Emotions

Emotions can be both positive and negative. ENFJ-Ts can have a hard time getting over negative things. While this might not as difficult as other personality types, it’s definitely harder than ENFJ-As.

They are more sensitive and will usually be more affected by their emotions. While this might be troubling, this quality also has its benefits.

ENFJ-Ts will connect easily with people going through hard times. This will help them understand people’s emotions and be kinder.

3.      More Introverted

ENFJs are extroverts. However, ENFJ-Ts will be more introverted. They are usually one of the types considered to be introverted extroverts.

This means that turbulent ENFJs will need some time alone. However, this alone time is not on the same level with introverts.

4.      ENFJ-Ts and Enneagram Types

ENFJ-Ts are more likely to be type 2 than any other type. This makes sense as their need to help others is very much evident. If they are type 2, they will usually have type 3 as their dominant wing.

Here’s an in-depth description of 2w3.

They derive joy when others are happy and appreciate the work they put in.

5.      Inspirational

ENFJs are leaders in their very true nature. ENFJ-T are no exception. They show their leadership traits through genuine care for people. They want people to be okay and try their best to be there for them.

There are pros and cons with this quality. People end up looking to this type for validation and assurance. They truly become heroes.

However, ENFJ-Ts might wear themselves thin as they try to accommodate everyone. This might put a strain on the relationships they have with their loved ones and partners.

6.      Unrivaled Listening Ability

When it comes to truly listening to others, no other personality type comes close. ENFJ-Ts have unrivaled listening abilities. Because of their strong extroverted function (Fe) and their reluctance to assert themselves in conversations, they simply do what they can. Listen.

This allows them to pick up other people’s fears and deep emotions. Some might call it a skill. I call it a gift.

7.      People-Pleasers

ENFJs have a hard time saying no to people. This is especially true with ENFJ-T. They will do things they really don’t want to do just to make people happy.

This type might have conversations with people they don’t really want to talk to. They also have more friends than they should. You get the drift by now.

Turbulent ENFJs will need to figure what is most important to them and put that first in their lives.

ENFJ-T and Dating

ENFJs are amazing people. They have really big hearts. They are also very expressive and want to know pretty much everything about you.

ENFJ-T are the same but a bit subtle. However, ENFJs generally have some problems you might have to overcome if your relationship is to be successful.

Let’s talk about these things in closer detail.

·        ENFJ-Ts are Hard to Truly Know

For a personality type that spends their time discussing emotions and being there for people, they can be very hard to know.

They do not like to talk about themselves and will try to shift the conversations to you. Because ENFJ-Ts are more introverted, it’s easier for people to keep talking and forget about their own emotions.

If you want to date an ENFJ-T, you have to make a true effort to know the person most people don’t see. Good luck.

·        A Perfectionistic Streak

ENFJs can have a perfectionistic streak. This is especially true with ENFJ-Ts. They want things to be perfect and try to achieve this goal.

While this can be adorable, it can also be a problem. They might want to be there for everyone and still achieve their goals.

Their heroism might come back to haunt them. They will become stressed and get burned out. They also will not hit their personal goals. Their relationship with you will be strained and everything might fall apart.

You have to remind them that they can take a breather.

·        Quality Time is important

Quality time and possible affirmative words are held in high regard here. They want to spend time with you and understand you better.

They also want you to tell them you appreciate all that they do. ENFJs truly put in a shift for people they love. Turbulent ENFJs possibly even do more. You just have to appreciate them.

·        You have to Share

ENFJs are always at the center of attention. People will know them, like and get used to having their attention. Your ENFJ-T will not know when to stop.

Thus, there’s always this situation where you have to share your partner with the rest of the world. Depending on the extent of this situation, this might not be necessarily bad. Sometimes, you might need to put your foot down.

·        ENFJ-T and Compatibility

The natural partners of the ENFJ-T are the INFP-A and the ISFP-A. However, any two mature people can make a relationship work. Other factors such as attachment styles and enneagram type also matter when starting a relationship.

ENFJ-T and Career Options

ENFJs enjoy career paths where they can make a difference and rise to the top. They also enjoy teaching and helping others reach their potential.

Thus, to get the best out of this personality type, put them in a role that needs creativity and leadership skills.

Best Careers for ENFJ-T

  • Psychologist
  • HR Manager
  • Lawyer
  • Editor
  • Social Worker
  • School Principal
  • Actor
  • Director
  • CEO

Careers that ENFJ-T Should Avoid

  • Farmer
  • Mechanic
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Auditor
  • Paralegal

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