Who is the Turbulent ENTP (ENTP-T)?


ENTPs are the devil advocates of the MBTI typology. Their love for adventure and their creative minds make them a joy to be around. I am an ENTP and it can be joy or pain to be one depending on the situation. ENTPs are further divided into the ENTP-A and the ENTP-T.

In this article, we are going to talk more about the ENTP-T.

Who is an ENTP-T?

The ENTP-T is the turbulent debater. They are a variant of the core ENTP. This variant is usually more laid back than the normal ENTP. They also have unique traits that differentiate them from the assertive ENTPs (ENTP-A).

What are ENTP-Ts Like?

Wondering what an ENTP-T looks like? Here are some traits which are unique to them.

1.      More Introverted

ENTPs are largely known to be introverted extroverts. However, the ENTP-T is even more introverted. They are the true version of introverted extroverts. In fact, the ENTP-T can often mistype as the INTP or INTJ.

ENTP-Ts will spend more time alone and will enjoy their time alone. To them, this gives them more time to pursue their unique interests.

2.      They Are More In Touch With Their Emotions

ENTP-Ts are more in touch with their emotions. They understand that they can connect with others more when they identify and share a bit of how they feel.

Thus, ENTP-Ts will usually ruffle fewer feathers than ENTP-As. Instead, ENTP-T will rather use manipulation and subtle methods to influence and gain the trust of others.

ENTP-Ts have more control over their extroverted feeling functions and can use it to devastating effects.

3.      Dealing with Insecurities and Anxiety

ENTP-Ts are more likely to deal with insecurity and anxiety better. The typical ENTP will struggle to even identify their feelings. When they do, they might distract themselves from it.

However, ENTP-Ts are more likely to give their feelings consideration. This might help them move on from really difficult situations faster than their counterparts.

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4.      ENTP-Ts and Enneagram Types

ENTP-Ts are more likely to be enneagram type 5s. This makes sense as they are more withdrawn and detached from their surroundings.

However, ENTP-Ts can also be type 7. When they are type 7, they are more likely to have a type 6 wing. If the ENTP-Ts is type 8, they are more likely to have a type 9 wing.

If ENTP-Ts are type 3s, they are more likely to have a type 4 wing.

However, this does not apply to everyone. There’s always the odd exception.

5.      ENTP-Ts and Image

ENTP-Ts are more concerned about their image than your typical ENTP. Thus, they might do things to look good in public or with others.

When at the extreme, this need to look good whether physically or in terms of knowledge can drive ENTP-Ts to be people-pleasers.

ENTP-Ts are more likely to have this problem than ENTP-A.

6.      Dealing with Stress

ENTP-Ts can have a hard time dealing with stress. Their initial reaction when dealing with stress is to panic and be discouraged.

This differs from the core ENTP who might wave stress away seamlessly. ENTP-Ts are more likely to feel discouraged or stressed out when faced with difficult situations.

ENTP-T and Dating

If you are dating an ENTP, you’ll certainly agree that there is hardly a dull moment. ENTPs want their relationship to keep evolving and improving.

Thus, you might be in for quite an adventure.

Here’s everything you need to know about being in a relationship with an ENTP-T.

·         ENTP-Ts and Compatibility

The natural partners of the ENTP-T are the INFJ-As and INTJ-As. However, the ENTP-Ts are more compatible with introverted types or assertive types.

However, any two persons can make a relationship work if they are matured.

·         More Agreeable

Everyone knows that the ENTP likes a good debate. If you intend to date or marry an ENTP, you have to be prepared for that.

However, with the ENTP-T, you get a more agreeable ENTP. They are less likely to start an intense argument just for fun. They are more likely to agree with you on most issues.

·         Adventurous

ENTP-Ts are still ENTPs. Thus, they always love a good adventure. So, don’t hesitate to take your ENTP on adventures.

They will deeply appreciate it and love you even more.

·         ENTP-Ts value growth

ENTP-Ts want to be in a relationship where there is constant growth. Thus, they want to see their partners become better people.

While less flighty, ENTP-Ts will leave a relationship that is devoid of growth.

·         They Value Direct Communication

ENTP-Ts value direct communication. Thus, they want you to tell them what the problem is without mincing words.

When dating an ENTP in general, this is usually the best approach.

Struggles ENTP-T Face in Relationships

·         Routine

ENTP-Ts hate routine. They want to feel alive in their relationship. If you are someone who just loves having a routine, the ENTP will not last long in that relationship.

So, if your partner is an ENTP-T, try to spice things up once in a while.

·         No Quality Time

ENTP-Ts crave mental stimulation. Thus, they want to have meaningful and deep conversations with their partners. When this is missing, the ENTP will likely struggle.

This is usually the case for all types of ENTPs. This often translates to quality time for the ENTPs.

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ENTP-T and Career Options

ENTP-Ts will do well in careers that allow for creativity and mental sparing. While this is true, they might not enjoy some career options that the ENTP-A enjoys.  

ENTP-Ts want some peace and alone time from constant interactions. This will usually affect their career choices.

It is also important for them to have flexibility and freedom while working. They won’t do well in an overly structured environment.

Best Careers for ENTP-T

  • Corporate Lawyers
  • Psychologist
  • Financial Analyst
  • Writer
  • Professor
  • Historian
  • Software developer
  • Architect

Careers that ENTP-Ts Should Avoid

  • Litigation Lawyer
  • Clergy
  • Machinist
  • Dentist
  • Pilot
  • Receptionist
  • Paralegal

Growth Tips for ENTP-Ts

  • Stress is something you are going to face throughout your life. It is crucial then that you have some control over it. Try to use it as a springboard to achieve much more.
  • The need for routine in some aspects of our lives cannot be avoided. Don’t skip this activity because you find it boring.

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