Who is the Turbulent INFJ (INFJ-T)?


If you are an INFJ, you probably already realized that you are quite special. With less than 2% of the world’s population, you are not going to meet so many INFJs during your lifetime. Even rarer among the INFJ is the turbulent INFJ (INFJ-T).

So, in this article, we will be talking solely about the INFJ-T and what you can expect from them.

Who is an INFJ-T?

An INFJ-T is the Turbulent Advocate. They are a variant of the core INFJ. They are mostly laidback and more hesitant to assert themselves in situations.

Their counterparts are the INFJ-A also known as the assertive INFJ-A. To see the complete comparison between the INFJ-A and INFJ-T, you should click that link.

While this is a short answer to these questions, there is so much more you can learn about the INFJ-T.

How rare is the INFJ-T?

INFJ-T are rarer than their counterparts INFJ-A. This makes INFJ-T the rarest of all variants in the MBTI typology.

What are INFJ-Ts Like?

Wondering what you can expect from an INFJ-T? Here are some common traits to expect

1.      Laid-Back Approach to Life

INFJs, in general, are introverts. This means that they won’t have the same external energy as most extroverts have. INFJ-Ts will, however, take a more laid-back approach to life than a normal INFJ.

They will require more alone time and will be way more introverted. While INFJs are largely seen as extroverted introverts, INFJ-Ts are more likely to be core introverts.

This does not mean that this type will not socialize with even friends. They just like their alone time much more.

2.      More Doubtful about their Choices

INFJ-Ts are more doubtful about the choices they make. Because they are less assertive than INFJ-As, they are going to doubt their decisions more often.

This can be a good or bad thing. When INFJ-Ts doubt their decisions, they are more likely to seek an informed opinion of what works best.

This might mean doing research or asking a very close friend for their opinions. However, this can also make them less decisive. It can also make them depend more on people when making decisions.

That’s never a good option.

3.      Enneagram Types

INFJs, in general, are more likely to be type 4, 5, 2, and 9 than any other type. However, INFJ-Ts are more likely to be type 2 or type 9.

This makes sense as they are more likely to value peace and comfort than other INFJ-Ts. Because they are less assertive, they might also be better companions for their friends and family.

These two types prove that INFJ-Ts are more peaceful than their counterparts.

4.      Much More Sensitive

INFJ-Ts are more sensitive than other INFJs. Thus, they might not take criticism very well. This can take a toll on their mental health.

INFJ-Ts are more prone to suffer from self-pity and exaggeration of their problems. If you are facing any of these issues, you might want to try the online-therapy platform. This platform connects you with professional therapists and licensed psychologists who are available 24 hours a day. By using that link, you’ll get a 20% discount on any option you choose.

5.      Enhanced Creativity

While INFJ-Ts might seem more introverted, they have an enhanced sense of creativity. As far as they are valued and appreciated, INFJ-Ts can contribute immensely to their workplace.

To get the best of INFJ-Ts, they should be placed in roles that allow them to use their intuition and creativity. We’ll talk more about their career options down below.

6.      INFJ-Ts Are Concerned About People

INFJs are idealistic by their very nature. However, INFJ-Ts take this to a whole new level. They see injustice and problems in every aspect of life.

Thus, they are often motivated to play a big role in helping the world and people. Therefore, the INFJ-T is often more productive when they feel the role they play is making a difference.

7.      INFJ-T and Motivation

Motivation is like a two-edged sword for the INFJ-T. The INFJ-T can be very lax and unmotivated when it concerns activities where they have no personal interest.

Because the INFJ-T is often interested in very few and unique things, this might make them seem lazy to people. While narrowing down your interests to particular things might be useful, the INFJ-T can be hindered because of their inability to follow through on important tasks.  

INFJ-T and Dating


INFJs are often fascinated by the idea of romance and INFJ-T are no different. They want to have the perfect love life with a partner that values and appreciates them. Here are a few things you should know about the INFJ-T and their love life.

Who is INFJ-T compatible with?

INFJ-T’s natural partners are the ENTP-A and INFJ-A. However, they will also be compatible with ENFJ and ENTJ. The INFJ-T are better suited with a partner that is assertive or extroverted.

·         Deep Meaningful Conversations

INFJ-Ts are very withdrawn people. However, they value genuineness and authenticity. One of the best ways to get this is through deep meaningful conversations.

By doing this, it allows the INFJ-T to feel like they know their partners on a deeper level. There is nothing more satisfying to them than this.

It is not surprising then that quality time is usually among their two top love languages.

·         INFJ-T Values Space

INFJ-Ts are going to want a lot of space in a relationship. While their partner is their favorite person, they crave that space that allows them to recharge their batteries.

So, if you are dating or married to an INFJ-T, make sure you allow them some time to themselves.

INFJ-Ts and Career Options

As earlier stated, the INFJ-T performs better when they work in a harmonious place. They want to work in an environment that allows them to express themselves and their creativity.

This does not mean that they don’t like a structured environment. On the contrary, they love working in such an environment.

They also want to feel like they are contributing to society. This satisfies their often active spiritual need.

·         Missionary/Clergy

INFJ-Ts are good teachers. Add that to the fact that being a missionary or a clergy gives them spiritual value, they will be perfect for this role.

They will have a significant impact on the lives of so many people.

·         Physicians/Surgeon

INFJ-Ts would make perfect physicians. Their genuine care and concern for people will ensure that they are extremely careful physicians.

INFJ-Ts are low-key perfectionists. This combined with the need to make a difference will drive them forward in the medical field.

Other good career options include

  • Social worker
  • Psychologist
  • HR manager
  • Pharmacist
  • Anthropologist
  • Writer
  • Photographer

Careers INFJ-Ts Should Avoid

  • Attorney
  • Farmer
  • Surveyor
  • Firefighter
  • Paramedic
  • Chef

How INFJ-Ts Can Achieve Growth

1.      Avoid Procrastination

While it’s really cool that you have these amazing ideas and plans, it’s so important that you learn to accommodate other important tasks that might seem uninteresting.

Not completing them might make you seem lazy or just plain unreliable to even your closest friends.

2.      Learn To Be a Bit More Confident

Learn to be more confident and assertive. While being turbulent is a blessing in its own right, finding a balance is even more important.

3.      Learn To Handle Criticism Better

Criticism with good intentions will make you even better. So, never feel that people are attacking you. Chances are that they want you to become a much better person.

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