Who is the Assertive INFP (INFP-A)?


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You have every reason to love the INFP. When they are healthy, they can be very warm and helpful. Very few people have problems with this personality type. INFPs are often divided into two sub-types. These are the INFP-A and the INFP-T.

Here, we’ll focus more on the INFP-A.

Who is the INFP-A?

This is the assertive INFP. They take a more assertive and dominating approach to their life. This is bound to show up in their decisions.

You should know that the INFP-A and the INFP-T share exactly the same cognitive functions. The only difference between these two sub-types is in the last letter.

If you want a full comparison between the INFP-T and the INFP-A, you can click that link.

What are INFP-As Like?

1.      Bold about their Opinions

INFPs are naturally introverts. While this is true, assertive INFP are by their very nature, opinionated. This does not necessarily mean that they talk a lot.

They just know how to talk more about what they truly believe in. Thus, assertive INFPs are less likely to have issues with saying no.

This does not mean that they are harsh or insensitive. It just means that they are more likely to have healthy boundaries.

2.      More Driven

While some INFPs have the reputation of being lax or lazy when it comes to tasks, this problem is less evident in the INFP-As.

This personality type usually has the discipline to complete tasks that need to be completed. They can also fight boredom when it comes to mundane routines.

The only drawback here is that they may overextend themselves when a project is already dead in the water.

3.      Confident

INFP-As are very confident people. They know what they are capable of and how to use their skills. Thus, they are not easily discouraged when they are faced with obstacles.

Instead, they trust in their ability to get things done. This has some pros and cons. The biggest benefit here is that assertive INFPs are more determined.

Thus, when a genuine opportunity rears its head, they’ll be able to take it. The potential downside is that they might get overconfident in their own abilities.

4.      INFP-A and Enneagram Types

INFP-As are more likely to be type 4 or type 5 than any other type. INFP 4w5s or INFP 5w4s are more assertive in what they want when compared to an INFP type 9 for example.

Thus, this pairing perfectly complements the assertive INFP.

5.      Dealing with Emotions

INFPs, in general, are feelers. This means that they tend to put their emotions first and are more sensitive.

Thus, dealing with emotions will always be a big one for them. INFP-As are more likely to have their emotions in control than their counterparts INFP-Ts.

They are also more likely to feel positive about the future. Because of this attribute, INFP-As are less likely to face problems with the INFP dark side.

If you are having issues with anxiety, depression, and related conditions, it might be best to see a psychologist or therapist.

6.      More Reckless

INFPs, in general, are very spontaneous. However, INFP-As will have more of these traits. This leads to recklessness in some situations.

Thus, the INFP-A might struggle with managing their finances. They might also struggle with getting the details right.

While this is true, the INFP-A will not overly beat themselves over this problem.

7.      Decisive

INFP-As are very decisive people. There are several reasons why. First, this sub-type is more independent than all INFPs. They will also rely on their own judgments and thinking.

While they might listen to the opinion of others, the influence they have on the final decision is minimal. This allows them to make decisions really quickly.

The problem here is that the INFP-A might not make the best decision regularly. Advice from the right source can be truly valuable.

They might also be less of a team player and might find it hard to collaborate with others.

INFP-A and Dating

INFPs are idealistic people. Thus, they love the lure of romance and are actively searching for a partner. When they find one, they find it easy to commit.

While this means that they might face more heartbreaks, INFPs show us how love really should feel like. If you are planning on dating the assertive INFP, here are some things you should know.

·         INFP-A and Compatibility

The natural partners of the INFP-As is the ESFJ-T and ENFJ-T. Naturally, the INFP-A does better with an extroverted/intuitive partner who is turbulent.

While this is true, any two mature people can make a relationship.

·         Defined Relationship

INFPs want a defined relationship. While they might be up for the thrill early on in the relationship, they will want to know where they stand.

They might also want to know what they should expect. INFP-As especially place a lot of importance on their relationships.

So, if you want to date an INFP-A, you have to do it right.

·         Physical Touch is the A-game

INFP-A love intimacy with their partners. Physical touch is a necessary part of the relationship. So, if you want to have a relationship with an INFP-A, you have to bring this as part of your ammunition.

Here’s an article about physical touch as a love language. You might find it interesting.

·         Idealistic

If there’s any problem you will face in this relationship, it’s the idealism of the INFP. INFP-As have very high expectations for their partners.

When they fail to meet these expectations, they might lose interest in the relationship or might develop resentment.

If you are going to date an INFP, you have to discuss expectations even before the relationship starts.

INFP-A and Career Options

Assertive INFPs are just like any other INFP when it comes to their career options. Thus, they place career happiness and passion over any financial gain.

They also value a workplace that allows them to show their creativity and is quite flexible. This brings out some of their best qualities.

Best Careers for the INFP-A

  • Nurse
  • Physician
  • Psychologist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Writer

If you want to see a list of careers for INFPs across all categories, you can click that link.

Careers that INFP-A Should Avoid

  • Clergy
  • Paralegal
  • School aide
  • Receptionist
  • Compliance officer


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