Who is the Turbulent INTJ (INTJ-T)?


INTJs are introverts. They are quiet, analytical, and logical. They can also be quite annoying too. Yet, we love them for all their quirky qualities. INTJs can broadly be divided into two subtypes. These are the INTJ-A and the INTJ-T.

Here, we’ll focus more on the INTJ-T.

Who is the INTJ-T?

This is the turbulent INTJ. They take a more laidback approach to their lives. This shows in their decisions and choices in life.

You should know that INTJ-T and INTJ-A have the same cognitive functions. The only difference is their approach to things.

I wrote an article on the INTJ-A. You can check that out by clicking on that link.

What are INTJ-Ts Like?

1.      More Introverted

INTJs are introverts. However, INTJ-T might appear more introverted than other INTJs. This might be down to their laid-back nature.

This might mean that they will need more time alone. It also means that there is a higher chance that turbulent INTJs might be misunderstood.

2.      They take longer to make a decision

INTJ-T might appear more indecisive than their regular INTJ. This is not because they do not have the big picture in mind. INTJ-Ts are worried about making a mistake.

Thus, they often mull over the changes to see if they missed something. This quality might have good and bad consequences.

While this personality type is more meticulous and thus avoids a lot of mistakes, it can lead to missed opportunities.

INTJ-T needs to find some sort of balance to get the most out of it.

3.      INTJ-T and Enneagram Types

INTJ-T are more likely to identify with type 6 than any other type. This makes sense as INTJ-Ts often worry about the consequences of their actions.

If they are type 6, it is quite likely that their wing will be a type 5. Here’s an in-depth description of enneagram 6w5.

While this is true, INTJ-Ts can also be type 5 or type 1.

4.      Dealing with Emotions

INTJs are logical and rational people. While this is true, it’s quite common for INTJ-T to struggle with negative emotions.

This might be caused by upbringing or childhood trauma. It can also be caused by type 6’s inclination to insecurity and anxiety.

Thus, it might be more difficult for INTJ-Ts to get past difficult obstacles or have positive thoughts when things are going wrong.

Their rational mind will keep bringing up the worst possible scenarios. It’ll be a nightmare for them. If you are having anxious or depressing thoughts, you should seek the help of a therapist as soon as you can.

While they might struggle with negative emotions, INTJ-Ts are also more emotional. This allows them to be in touch with people’s feelings on a much deeper level.

Thus. They are very balanced when considering all the factors involved.

5.      Reaction to Change

INTJs, in general, face a herculean task when it comes to changing their mind. Because they usually feel superior in their thoughts and actions, it might be difficult to change their minds.

INTJ-Ts, however, are a bit different. They are always looking for loopholes and changes to the status quo.

Thus, their reaction to change will be different. They will embrace it and look for ways to make the situation even better.

6.      Great Communicators

Turbulent INTJs are often great communicators. They value the input others make and will consider it when making a decision.

While this is true, INTJ-T will usually make their own unique decision. This has some benefits for the INTJ-T.

Because they can communicate with others, they often make better decisions for the benefit of everyone involved.

INTJ-T and Dating

INTJs are clueless when it comes to romance. We just had to put that out there. However, INTJ-Ts might have a bit more stability. They will usually look for their partner to take the lead.

However, this certainly does not mean that INTJ-Ts are timid in relationships. They know exactly what they want and won’t settle for less.

Are you dating an INTJ-T? Here are some of the things you should know.

·        Mental Stimulation

INTJs love mental stimulation. This is the same with the INTJ-Ts. They want to have deep conversations with their partner.

This also means that they want to be with people they consider smart. If you are with an INTJ male or an INTJ female, you should keep this in mind.

·        Physical Touch and Quality Time

While everyone can be different, the vast majority of INTJ-Ts will love quality time. As earlier stated, they especially enjoy discussing with their partners.

Intimacy is also something the turbulent INTJ craves. So, don’t hold back on physical touch or intimacy as long as you have consent.

·        Direct Communication

Despite being laid back, INTJ-Ts are still INTJs in the end. Thus, they love direct communication. So, beating around the bush won’t help your case.

Learn to communicate with them directly and respectfully. Trust me, they won’t take constructive feedback too personally.

It will also help your relationship last longer.

Struggles INTJ-T Face While Dating

·        It takes time to settle

If you are planning to date a turbulent INTJ, you need to give them time. They approach relationships differently and need time to understand how the relationship works.

So, be patient. With enough time, INTJ-Ts will definitely warm up to you.

·        Insensitive

INTJ-Ts can be a bit insensitive sometimes. This can put them in trouble with their partners. If you are dating an INTJ-T, you have to accept that they will hurt your feelings sometimes.

However, INTJ-Ts can always develop themselves and their sensitivity over time.

INTJ-T and Compatibility

The natural partners of the INTJ-Ts are the ENTP-As and ENFP-As. However, any two mature people can make a relationship work.

So, consider other factors when considering entering into a relationship. One such factor is your attachment style.

INTJ-T and Career Options

INTJ-Ts have no problem working alone. They also have no problems working under a defined hierarchy.

However, INTJs are problem solvers. This means they want jobs or careers that challenge them and provides problems for them to solve. While this is true, INTJ-Ts will not do well with jobs that require constant social engagement.

It just does not work that way.

Best Careers for INTJ-Ts

  • Writer
  • Auditor
  • Economist
  • Physician
  • Surgeon
  • Graphic Designer
  • Architect
  • Mathematician
  • Civil Engineer

Careers to Avoid for INTJ-T

  • Hotel Clerk
  • Secretary
  • Receptionist
  • Counselor
  • Pre-aide Teacher

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