Who is the Turbulent ISFJ (ISFJ-T)?


ISFJs are called the guardian in the MBTI typology. This is because of their caring attitude. They care for those who they love dearly. This aspect of their personality also makes them wonderful nurses and physicians. However, the ISFJ is further divided into two. That is the ISFJ-T and the ISFJ-A

In this article, we are going to be focusing on the ISFJ-T and how they are different from the ISFJ-A.

What Does The ISFJ-T Stand For?

ISFJ-T is the acronym for the turbulent ISFJ. This type leads with introversion, sensing, feeling, and judging.

The ISFJ-T is a variant of the core ISFJ. They are often considered to be extra laid back and more reserved than ISFJ-A who is the other variant.

What are ISFJ-Ts Like?

Are you wondering if you are an ISFJ-T? Here are some signs that you probably are.

1.      ISFJ-Ts Are Much More Reserved

ISFJs are extroverted introverts. This means that they maintain an active social circle. However, an ISFJ-T is going to be much more reserved.

They will spend a lot of time by themselves and develop hobbies that do not especially require too much interaction.

This does not mean that the ISFJ-T will not want people around them. However, they will be much more comfortable being alone.

2.      Critical Of Themselves

ISFJs are known to be perfectionists. This means that they beat themselves up when they don’t meet up their set standards.

ISFJ-Ts are even worse. They are much more likely to feel like failures when they don’t hit their targets. This inclination makes them especially vulnerable to low self-esteem and confidence.

While this might sound all gloom and doom, it also means that ISFJ-Ts are more likely to do a professional job than their other variant.

3.      ISFJ-Ts Are Very Modest People

ISFJs, in general, do not like conflicts. However, this is deepened with ISFJ-Ts. Because they are so reserved, they really just want to be content in life. They take a more modest approach to the pursuit of material things.

It is not surprising then most ISFJ-Ts are typed as enneagram 9. In a new study by Truity, enneagram 9 were least likely to be interested in material pursuits or money.

4.      More Security Conscious

ISFJ-Ts are more security conscious than ISFJ-As. Their need to be security conscious means that they anticipate and prepare for problems that may never arrive.

It also means that ISFJ-Ts worry a lot throughout their lives. This might make them vulnerable to anxiety issues.

To ISFJ-Ts, it is important to be safe.

5.      ISFJ-Ts Seek People’s Opinions

ISFJ-Ts seek people’s opinions on several issues before making a decision. This has several pros and cons. One benefit is that ISFJ-Ts might be able to make wiser decisions. On the other hand, this might make them chronic people pleasers.

It might also make ISFJ-Ts struggle with forming their own values and ideas. To get the best out of this quality, ISFJ-Ts must find a balance between seeking advice and following their own ideas.

6.      ISFJ-Ts Are More Likely To Be Stressed

ISFJ-T are going to be extra worried about a lot of things. This means that they are very likely to be stressed about issues and the circumstances they face.

Because they are often scared or worried, ISFJ-Ts will face issues with depression and anxiety. Stress is a major part of the lives of the ISFJ-Ts.

ISFJ-Ts and Dating

ISFJ-Ts’ relationship forms a big part of their lives. Just like the core ISFJ, they are very dedicated and supportive of their partners. Here are a few things you can expect from ISFJ-Ts

·         Who Are They Compatible With?

ISFJ-Ts are compatible with ESTP and ESFJ. Because they are turbulent, they will fare better with an extroverted partner. If they are with an introverted partner, they are better off going for one who is assertive.

This helps in initiating conversation and creating some decisiveness in the relationship.

·         Words of Affirmation

ISFJ-Ts are less confident than their counterparts. As earlier stated, this can have an impact on their self-esteem.

So make sure you reassure them always. Most ISFJ-Ts are going to have words of affirmation in their top three love languages. They like their partners to express how they feel about them.

They really appreciate a partner who will be there with them through thick and thin.

·         Appreciate them

ISFJ-Ts go through their lives often doubting themselves and their actions. If you are married or dating one, make effort to show that you value them.

Try not to be overly critical of them. They are quite sensitive to criticism. Overly criticizing them will lead to sadness and depression. These are things you do not want your partner to feel.

ISFJ-Ts and Career Options

ISFJ-Ts are calm and ready to help. They are also very generous and excellent communicators. To some, this might even make them seem like extroverts.

This means that ISFJ-Ts are best suited to careers that allow them to show warmth and consideration for others.

ISFJ-Ts are also willing to work hard at tasks that they feel are worth it. They are also good with routine jobs and value working in an environment that values and appreciates them.

Here are some career options for the ISFJ-Ts

Best Careers for ISFJ-Ts

·         Nurse


ISFJ-Ts make excellent nurses. Their genuine concern for people and their health makes them pretty natural nurses. They are also very communicative.

Thus, they will have no problems with their connecting with their patients.

They are also interested in the medical line and will fit excellently into this profession.

·         Nutritionist

ISFJ-Ts are interested in staying safe. This means that they are particularly concerned with health. Thus, a nutritionist is a good fit for ISFJ-Ts.

A nutritionist is interested in helping others adopt healthy living. With great communicative skills, they will be able to pass this message seamlessly.

Other career options open to ISFJ-Ts include

  • Paralegals
  • Bookkeepers
  • Social workers
  • Missionary
  • Office Manager

Worst Careers for ISFJ-Ts

  • Economists
  • Politicians
  • Executive
  • Lawyer
  • Actor
  • Military official
  • Police Force
  • Sales Representative

How ISFJ-Ts Can Achieve Growth

1.      Be More Confident in Your Ideas

It can be really difficult sticking to your values when others have different views. However, if it represents your core values or you truly believe it, you should stick with it.

Doing this will help you boost your confidence.

2.      Understand the Need for Criticism

Criticism is needed. While it might sound like an attack, it can make a world of difference when it is taken in good faith.

So, when next you are criticized, try to take the value of the criticism and not how it sounded.

3.      Be Opinionated Sometimes

Don’t be afraid to tell the world how you feel. Stand up for what you believe in sometimes. It makes other respect you and shows that you are certainly no pushover.

Overall, ISFJ-Ts are incredible people who just want to be valued and appreciated.


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