Who is the Turbulent ISTJ (ISTJ-T)?


ISTJs are dutiful and responsible people. They go big on norms and family. This makes them really incredible people. ISTJs can be further divided into two sub-types. These are the ISTJ-A and ISTJ-T.

Here, we’ll talk more about the ISTJ-T. If you want to know more about the ISTJ-A, you can click that link.

Who is the ISTJ-T?

This is the turbulent ISTJ. They take a more laid-back approach to life and the situations they find themselves in.

While this is the short answer, being a turbulent ISTJ can mean a lot more. You should also know that ISTJ-A and ISTJ-T share the same cognitive functions.

The main difference between both sub-types is in the way they approach things and issues.

What are ISTJ-Ts Like?

Wondering what an ISTJ-T is like? Here are quick facts.

1.      More Considerate

ISTJs are generally thinkers. This means that they often use logic and rational thinking when making decisions. However, ISTJ-Ts are more likely to be in touch with their feelings.

This allows them to be considerate of others while making decisions. Thus, ISTJ-Ts are more likely to put their family and close relatives first when compared with ISTJ-A.

You should know that ISTJs are still ISTJs. Thus, feelings will generally have a second spot to logic.

2.      Less Likely to Assert their Opinions

ISTJ-Ts have strong values and opinions about certain issues. ISTJs, in general, are going to stick to their opinions and defend them rationally.

However, ISTJ-Ts might be less likely to assert those opinions. Thus, they may come across as less opinionated than the majority of ISTJs.

This can be a good or bad thing. ISTJ-Ts are no pushovers. However, knowing when to assert your opinions can be a great asset.

However, hold back too much and you might start doing things you never wanted in the first place.

3.      ISTJ-T Can be Indecisive

Turbulent ISTJ often find them hesitating before making a big decision. This might make them seem indecisive.

This is often true as ISTJ-Ts are more likely to consider external factors. This might include how people feel and if they might find it disturbing.

Again, this can be a great asset or an issue. Because they are indecisive, ISTJ-Ts are more likely to know all the facts or think things through better than ISTJ-As.

Thus, they often make the better decision that suits everyone. However, their indecisiveness might make them slow to react. This can make them miss out on great opportunities.

4.      ISTJ-T and Enneagram Types

ISTJ-Ts are more likely to be type 6 than any other type. They can also be type 1s. When they are type 6s, they are more likely to have a wing 5.

If they identify as type 1, they are more likely to have a wing 9. Being a 6w5 makes sense as ISTJ-T often struggles with indecision and a craving for stability.

5.      Dealing with Emotions

ISTJs are more logical. This means they generally have a lower response to emotionally charged situations. While this is true, ISTJ-Ts will show more emotions generally.

Thus, when compared with ISTJ-As, they are more likely to show anger, jealousy, or affection.

ISTJ-T and Dating

ISTJ-Ts love the norms and traditions attached to dating. Thus, they are going to expect that in a relationship. Also, while ISTJs are known to be less emotional, ISTJ-Ts are more likely to show affection or express their feelings.

Thus, you might get a good idea of how an ISTJ-T feels in a relationship.

·        ISTJ-T and Compatibility

The natural partners of the ISTJ-T are ESFP-A and ESTP-A. While this is true, any two mature people can make a relationship work.

·         Direct Communication Style

ISTJ-Ts prefer to communicate directly in a relationship. So, if you have a problem that needs addressing, don’t be scared to bring it up with your ISTJ-T.

ISTJ-Ts are also very considerate and rational. Thus, they are often ready to make reasonable adjustments to make a relationship work.

·         Casual Relationship is not their thing

If you are dating an ISTJ-T, then you should know it’s for the long haul. The majority of ISTJs like to know where a relationship is headed.

They also don’t like casual relationships or short flings. Their relationship is an important facet of their lives.

·         Acts of Service

ISTJ-Ts love when their partners do things for them. Thus, acts of service is usually among their top three love languages. So, if you are dating an ISTJ-T, this is something you should consider.

·         Organization and Structure

ISTJ-Ts and ISTJs in general, like structure. Thus, they want to know what their roles are. They also want to keep their homes organized.

So, if you are planning on getting married to an ISTJ-T, don’t be surprised if they want to plan everything before marriage.

You might also want to keep your house clean if you are dating an ISTJ-T.

Struggles ISTJ-T Faces in Relationship

·         Rules/Compromise

While ISTJ-Ts are great with honoring their commitment, it can be hard for them to make compromises. ISTJs, in general, play by the rules.

Thus, they want to do what they feel is correct and logical. When dating a feeler type, this might not always be possible. This can put a strain on their relationship.

·         The Need for Control

ISTJs are people who seek to control their own lives. When they are in a relationship, they seek to control their relationship subconsciously. That need can easily spill over to their partner’s life.

This can lead to significant problems.

Here’s an article I found about some of the struggles ISTJs might face when dating.

ISTJ-T and Career Options

ISTJ-Ts are efficient and reliable workers. They value structure in the workplace and want to know exactly what they have to do.

Like most sensors, ISTJs are very detail-oriented. They are also punctual people. So, expect them to keep to deadlines and other instructions.

To get the best out of an ISTJ-T, place them in a role that requires critical thinking. They also like a workplace with an established structure or hierarchy.

Best Careers for ISTJ-T

  • Economist
  • Mathematician
  • Auditor
  • Accountant
  • Professor
  • Scientist
  • Financial Analyst
  • Budget planner
  • Paralegal
  • Compliance officer
  • Public Health Officer
  • Civil engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Physician
  • Dentist
  • Pharmacist

Careers that ISTJ-T Should Avoid

  • Graphic Designer
  • Photographer
  • Musician
  • Teacher’s aide

Growth Tips for ISTJ-T

  • Try to find the right balance between compromise and the need to be perfect. This is especially important in romantic relationships
  • Learn to find the right balance between mulling over and making a quick decision. That can be crucial.

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