10 Best Careers for Melancholics They’ll Absolutely Love

Careers for melancholics

Are you looking for the best careers for melancholics this year? Look no further! This article will explore the careers you can take up with this temperament.

Who is the Melancholic?

The melancholic temperament is characterized by introspection, high sensitivity, reservedness, and privacy. In contrast to other temperaments, people with this temperament are self-aware and often more intuitive.

Melancholics are often highly creative and love to express themselves through different artistic media. Also, they are perfectionists. They set high standards for themselves because they will constantly brood over their mistakes if they fall below standards.

The typical melancholic is detail-oriented and loves to pay attention to the fine lines. They enjoy organizing themselves and planning their schedules some days before. However, they are usually moody and easily depressed. They also find it difficult to engage with their logical sides.

You’d hardly see melancholics with too many friends. They are private and prefer being close to only a few tested, trusted friends. You can click this link for a complete melancholic personality/temperament description.

10 Best Careers for Melancholics

1.   Writer/Author

Creativity is the core of a writer’s work. Producing books, scripts, poems, blogs, and technical guides people want to read requires creativity. Such creativity typically requires thought-provoking ideas, which Melancholics find easier to achieve because they have a rich imagination.

When writing, you pay keen attention to detail, show introspection, and convert deep thoughts into simple words. These are where the melancholic shines. Writing involves some form of solitude, and their empathy makes their writing relatable to others. 

Writers earn about $73,690 on average per year. 

2.   Philosophers

Philosophers are people who answer life’s budding questions. They seek wisdom and enlightenment because it helps them to understand and offer theories as to why things happen the way they do, typically in areas like ethics and metaphysics.

The first skill all good philosophers possess is introspection. You must know how to reflect deeply on your thoughts and experiences, and ask the right questions about intricate issues like morality and consciousness.

Melancholics will excel in this career because introspection is where they shine. Plus, they’re emotionally sensitive. They know how to empathize with different dimensions and look at the emotional side of philosophical issues like happiness and the meaning of life. It’s a perfect match.

Philosophers earn about $60,000 on average. 

3.   Fine Artists

Have you gone to certain buildings and seen magnificent works of arts like sculptures, paintings, and drawings? That’s fine arts at its finest (pun intended).

Fine art is purely for creative expression and aesthetics, so a fine artist knows how to take a seemingly nothing piece into a stunning work of art.

This career is perfect for melancholics because they are sensitive to beauty. They appreciate textures, subtle details, and color, and they know how to transform all these elements into a visually stunning piece.

Since they are mostly by themselves, they have a rich inner world and a vast imagination, so they need this artistic medium to channel their thoughts and emotions.

Melancholics also pay great attention to detail. They know how to craft fine, intricate artworks that people will see and applaud.

Fine artists earn $52,910 per year on average.

4.   Historian

From the name, you probably already know that a historian studies and writes about historical events. They look for historical data from different sources and determine whether they’re authentic or not.

Melancholics are perfect for this career because of their intellectual curiosity. They always want to know how past events occurred and how society has changed from that time till now. And because of their empathy, they can relate with people from different cultures understanding them better than most temperaments.

 Also, do you remember when we mentioned that melancholics will excel as writers? They also make good historical writers because they can express themselves as clearly and as concise as possible. Plus, they love working alone so that they can express themselves with no interruptions.

Historians earn an average of $76,120 per year.

5.   Researcher/Data Scientist

Researchers conduct thorough findings to obtain and analyze data. To enter this profession, you need data analysis, critical thinking, deep research, and time management skills.

Melancholics make excellent researchers because the career path aligns with several strengths. Firstly, their introspection helps them deeply contemplate complex issues and draw unique insights that others can easily miss.

Secondly, they also pay close attention to detail, so that trait trickles down when collecting and analyzing data. You’d find them extremely meticulous and slow so that they don’t make any mistakes, and they prefer to work in solitude.

Most researchers earn about $60,960 on average.

6.   Music/Composer

Music is a powerful artistic medium for expressing deep emotions. Therefore, anybody in the music industry must be highly emotionally sensitive, creative, imaginative, have a strong desire to learn, and have a work ethic matched only by athletes.

Melancholics succeed in this industry because music gives them an emotional outlet to positively express themselves. Those with musical talent can easily bank on their melancholic creativity to transform gloominess into beauty with such deep emotions.

$62,940 is the average annual wage for music directors and composers.

7.   Graphic Design

Graphic design involves creating visual content to communicate information, ideas, and messages to an audience in digital or print media. To succeed in this career, you need creativity, attention to detail, critical thinking, and technical proficiency.

Melancholics will excel in this field because they can create designs that viewers will easily love and resonate with. It also offers an introverted work style, something that melancholics prefer. 

Graphic designers earn about $58,910 yearly.

8.   Therapists/Counselors

A therapist or counselor provides rehabilitation and helps victims heal from mental problems or bad behaviors by listening and giving helpful advice.

Therapists provide guidance and unique insights to clients who require professional counsel to deal with certain behavioral challenges. Good therapists must possess empathy, self-awareness, emotional sensitivity, and problem-solving skills.

Melancholics will excel in this career because they are super self-aware and can spot certain biases in other people. Plus, their emotional sensitivity makes them more empathetic towards others.

Therapists and counselors make around $92,740.

9.   Librarian or Archivist

Librarians and archivists may share the same space, but they do different things.

Librarians find information and do research, while an archivist works independently to catalog, record, and appraise vital documents. But they often share a workspace at the library and deal with the same material.

This career is ideal for melancholics because their deep thinking abilities and analytical minds can sift through massive amounts of information to find specific details. Furthermore, most people with a melancholic temperament enjoy organized and solitary workspaces, so this career suits them well.

Librarians and archivists typically have median annual pay of $64,370 and $65,700 respectively.

10.                Scientists

Scientists are professionals who systematically conduct and gather research and evidence to expand knowledge in a certain field. They make hypotheses and experiments in their work involving curiosity, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, an analytical mind, and attention to detail.

As such, this profession shares some traits with the melancholics like their deep thinking ability. Their analytical and problem-solving minds will also help them in this career path.

Many types of scientists exist, but the median annual pay is $100,890.

FAQs on Careers for Melancholics

How Can a Melancholic Choose the Right Field?

When picking a career, melancholics are best for careers that offer stability and independence. Be genuinely interested in your chosen discipline and choose a job that fits your technical strengths. Also, choose a profession that is laid back. You won’t regret it.

What are the Weaknesses of a Melancholic?

Moodiness, depression, and negative self-talk are just a few of their weaknesses. They also have high or unrealistic demands of others and even themselves.

They are over-sensitive, so highly stressful situations make them unstable, especially when dealing with others. This stress can lead to nervous breakdowns.

What are the Strengths of a Melancholic?

An analytical mind, diplomatic nature, organization, and self-awareness are prominent strengths of the melancholic.

They’re willing to think ahead and solve problems. A typical melancholic will try to see all sides of an issue before deciding on an issue. Their introspection gives them a deep understanding of their strengths and limits.

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