INFP 7w6 (The Complete Guide)

INFP 7w6

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INFP 7w6 is everything they told you an INFP could never become. Outspoken, crazy, and skeptical. Yet, here we are. INFP 7w6s are a different breed of INFPs, and we love them for this.

This article will discuss the INFP 7w6 and what you can expect from them.

Who is the INFP 7w6?

INFP 7w6s are spirited people with a ton of caution. They are one of the few INFPs who fight to bring their rich imagination to light (as far as it’s fun). They try to keep busy and stimulated throughout their lives.

Because of their wing, they are still careful with their life choices. They tend to have a lot of fun, but not too much fun. Now, INFP 7w6’s idea of adventure will not be as intense as an extrovert’s (For example, an ESFP 7w6). However, it will be present nevertheless.

Type 7 is a rare combination for INFPs, but not too rare. One complement both types have is that they are both impulsive. The most common type for INFPs is the INFP 4w5.

INFP 7w6s are slightly more likely to be assertive.

What is the Core Desire of the INFP 7w6?

The core desire of the INFP 7w6 is to be happy or free. Adventures, passion, and free-thinking capabilities might matter to the INFP 7w6.

What is the Core Fear of the INFP 7w6

The core fear of the INFP 7w6 is to be deprived of happiness. Fears such as being stuck in a rut and endless boredom are the hallmarks of the INFP 7w6.

How the 7w6 Changes Some of the Natural Tendencies of the INFP

1.   More Extroverted

INFPs are super introverts. INFP 7w6s, as you’d imagine, are a bit different. They’re more outgoing and are generally better with people.

Nevertheless, INFP 7w6s are still INFPs. This means they’ll still need to recharge after a lot of social interactions. In other words, they remain introverts.

2.   More Adventurous

As earlier stated, adventures become more appealing to the INFP 7w6s. They are willing to assert themselves more strongly than typical INFPs.

This naturally translates to more risk-taking and a willingness to explore. While this is true, their wing ensures that they never go too far.

3.   More Action-Oriented

This follows the last point. INFPs have always had a rich imagination. These imaginations might differ based on background or circumstances. The difference here is that INFP 7w6s are more action-oriented.

Thus, they generally have more impetus. They go after what they want as long as it’s not too risky.

4.   Less Nurturing

Read any article today about INFPs; you’re bound to see them described as caring or nurturing. INFP 7w6s are different. While they still care about people, this personality type is less nurturing.

Let’s be honest. Being nurturing is not something you’d associate a type 7 with. This is a good thing, as INFP 7w6s will focus on themselves a lot more.

5.   More Carefree

This follows the last point. INFPs are not known for being carefree. On the contrary, they care a lot about what others think about them.

This concern is subdued with the INFP 7w6. As mentioned earlier, they’re more focused on their needs. This allows them to enjoy life somewhat to the fullest.

6.   Still Emotional, But More Hidden

INFPs are feelers. They feel intensely and can get very sensitive. INFP 7w6s are the same with a twist.

While they remain sensitive, it’s hardly noticeable. Their sensitivity is buried deep down by their distractions and carefree spirit.

However, it might show when a value or belief is threatened or if they are being criticized harshly.

New Weaknesses of the INFP 7w6

1.   More Impulsive

Like all perceivers, INFP 7w6s are super impulsive. They are also very spontaneous. This has its pros and cons. As mentioned earlier, it means more risks and adventure. However, the con is that it can put this personality type in serious trouble.

The good news is that INFP 7w6 will hardly go overboard if their wing is strong.

2.   Even More Trouble With Finances

This follows the last point. Because of how impulsive or reckless they might be, they naturally struggle with finances.

INFP 7w6s will struggle to keep a budget and might be unable to stop their impulse spending. However, because of their wing, this weakness will be reduced.

3.   Distraction and Vices

Remember when we said INFP 7w6s hide their emotions through distractions? Sometimes, these distractions might not be good distractions.

INFP 7w6s might struggle with substance and alcohol abuse. In worst-case scenarios, they might even have depression. Here’s an article that might help if you’re an INFP struggling with depression.

4.   Fearful

Type 7 and Type 6 are both in the fear triad. This simply means their first accessible emotion is fear. Thus, INFP 7w6s make a lot of decisions because they are fearful.

While this can keep them safe, it can also make them miss out on big opportunities. As with most things in life, the key is finding a balance.

INFP 7w6 in Love/Relationships

1.   Space and More Space

Type 7 never wants to feel trapped. INFPs want to be independent. The combination produces a person who’s really private and wants their space.

INFP 7w6 will explore certain projects or ideas by themselves. This is also true when they are in relationships. When given enough space to explore on their own, they’ll come back stronger in the relationship.

The whole idea is to prevent them from feeling trapped.

2.   Love Languages

This refers to the way a person prefers to give or receive love. INFP 7w6’s top three love languages are usually quality time, physical touch, and acts of service.

Of course, love languages can vary based on other factors. The most important thing is to ensure they feel loved.

If you have doubts about your INFP 7w6’s love language, you can make them take the official love language test.

3.   Communication Method

INFP 7w6s prefer to communicate in a warm tone. Criticism or tactless feedback won’t do you any good. Make sure your words are firm yet understanding.

Because they’re type 7s, nagging won’t help. It never helps, anyway. Just make sure they know you’re serious. If they value you, they’ll communicate as well.

4.   Flighty

INFPs are idealists. Thus, being flighty is not something you’ll normally associate with them. INFP 7w6 defies this stereotype. Here’s why. It’s all down to type 7’s need not to feel trapped.

So, the INFP 7w6 will struggle to settle down because they are afraid of commitment. In other words, they are looking for a partner that ties them down without stifling their freedom.

5.   Compatibility

INFPs are most compatible with ESFJs and ENFJs. When it comes to the enneagram, type 7s are most compatible with type 2s, 3s, 5s, and 9s.

While this is true, any two mature people can get along perfectly. Don’t make decisions on your romantic relationships solely on personality assessments.

INFP 7w6 Female- A Unique Breed

Being different means you’ll frequently be misunderstood. INFP 7w6 females are in this category. This is because their enneagram and MBTI types frequently contradict themselves.

Here are some things that might be peculiar to the INFP 7w6 female.

1.   Adventurous, Cautious

Type 7s are adventurous. Type 6s are not. INFPs prefer to live in their heads. So, INFP 7w6s will embrace adventures to an extent. INFP 7w6 females will embrace adventure to an even lesser extent. Here’s why.

INFP 7w6 females might want to be adventurous. However, they are more conscious of the dangers lurking than INFP 7w6 males.

Thus, their decision-making process will differ slightly.

2.   Flexible Yet Rigid

INFP 7w6s are one of the most flexible INFPs around. This is because it somewhat reduces the stranglehold of the Fi.

While this is true, INFP 7w6 females will hold onto it in some aspects of their lives. For example, their background beliefs and traditions could remain dear to them.

So, attacking these values will result in a firm rebuttal from the INFP 7w6 female. This is further enhanced by their ability to be assertive.

3.   A Different Style of Creativity

INFPs are creative beasts. INFP 7w6 females are the same. However, they add a different layer to their creativity. Their creativity is warm, nurturing, and sensitive. Yet, it can also be dynamic and chaotic.

For example, INFP 7w6 females can be great writers. However, because of their type 7s, they can also be comedians, dancers, or entertainers.

In a way, type 7 opens the door to new career options. That’s always a good thing.

4.   Healthy Boundaries

Despite wanting to be independent, setting healthy boundaries can be difficult for INFP females. It’s different with INFP 7w6s. While not perfect at it, setting boundaries is the only way they focus on themselves.

So, INFP 7w6 females are generally less people-pleasers than typical INFP females. This is good as it allows them to be their true selves.

INFP 7w6 in the Workplace

INFPs want to be passionate about their jobs. They enjoy creative roles that allow them to make a difference. INFP 7w6s are the same. They also want a role that’s continuously exciting and challenges them every day.

Being stuck in a routine job just won’t cut it for them. They’ll prefer to be exploring their passion every step of the way. INFP 7w6s are more likely to prefer a hybrid work setting. Because of their wing, they also value some stability.

Ensure their role allows them to be creative to get the best out of the INFP 7w6.

Best Careers for the INFP 7w6

  • Writer
  • Travel Blogger
  • Firefighter
  • Interior Decorator
  • Photographer
  • Professor
  • Traveling Nurse
  • Entertainer
  • Musician

Worst Careers for the INFP 7w6

  • Secretary
  • Paralegal
  • Attorney
  • Auditor
  • Accountant

Famous People/Fictional/Anime Characters That Might Be INFP 7w6

  • Henry Mills (Once Upon a Time)
  • Alluka Zoldyck (Hunter X Hunter)
  • Adrien Agreste (Lady Bug and Cat Noir)
  • Nam Joo-hyuk
  • Mastu
  • Gil Pender (Midnight in Paris)
  • Szymon Zaparty
  • Ava Chen (Twisted)
  • Rachel De Leon (I became the Younger Sister of a Regretful ML)
  • Abia Nawazi (Huniepop 2: Double Date)


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