ENTP 1w2 (The Complete Guide)

ENTP 1w2

ENTPs are the rockstars of the MBTI. Daring and talented, this MBTI type just keeps on giving. When compared with the Enneagram of Personality, a few identify as the ENTP 1w2.

This article discusses the ENTP 1w2 and what you can expect from them.

Who is the ENTP 1w2?

ENTP 1w2s are ethical people with a good slice of generosity. This personality type is more rigid than typical ENTPs. Because of their wing, they are more helpful and cheerful.

Type 1 is so rare for the ENTP. For this personality type to be possible, several factors must be involved. For example, ENTP 1w2s usually come from a religious background or extremely strict parents.

This is because type 1 goes against everything ENTP stands for. For example, their extroverted intuition (Ne) allows them to think of several possibilities. The presence of type 1 stifles that, as we shall soon see. Thus, an ENTP 1w2 will struggle with a lot of things throughout their life.

To say that the presence of type 1 changes the typical traits of an ENTP is an understatement.

ENTP 1w2 is more likely to be assertive than turbulent.

What is the Core Desire of the ENTP 1w2?

The core desire of the ENTP 1w2 is to be good, ethical, or morally upright. They also want to be perceived by others as good.

To achieve this, this personality type uses wit, charm, and assertiveness to good effect.

What is the Core Fear of the ENTP 1w2?

The core fear of the ENTP 1w2 is to be seen as good. It’s not enough that they are genuinely good. They want others to acknowledge or admire them for this.

How the 1w2 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the ENTP

1.   Less Flexible

ENTPs are probably the most flexible type in the MBTI world. Not this ENTP. ENTP 1w2s have strong beliefs about their values. Unlike other ENTPs, this personality type might struggle to be the devil’s advocate.

They believe too strongly in their values. This can make them more sensitive (volatile) and less adaptable.

So, while they might still argue, things are just a bit more personal.

2.   More Financially Prudent

ENTPs are not great at managing their finances. This changes with the ENTP 1w2. Because type 1 is obsessed with their budget, ENTP 1w2s become stronger in this department.

This has several implications. It means that the ENTP 1w2 is great at making and managing money. This catapults them to possibly some of the richest types in the world.

3.   More Traditional

ENTPs are the ultimate rebels. They don’t follow norms and challenge every rule. ENTP 1w2s are different. They are more willing to follow rules and a core set of beliefs.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, as rules are put in place for a reason. It also does not mean that ENTP 1w2s lose their critical thinking skills.

They can spot a bad rule a mile away. This personality type will oppose this rule fiercely.

4.   Less Self-Centred

ENTPs are very self-centered. Their introverted thinking function further enhances this. Thus, they are always thinking about how a situation affects them.

This is different with the ENTP 1w2. They are more selfless and interested in fighting for justice. This is enhanced by the presence of type 2, who really just want to be helpful.

This is one reason why ENTP 1w2 might mistype as ENFJs.

5.   More Ethical

As mentioned earlier, type 1 is big on values and morals. This is also present in the ENTP 1w2. They are more upright and will often choose ethics over logic.

Thus, ENTP 1w2 will often be seen as more principled and emotional than typical ENTPs. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just different.

6.   Same, But More Assertive Boundaries

ENTPs might be witty and charming. Yet, they have formidable boundaries. They don’t want to feel trapped at any point in their lives. While this is true, they are often subtle when protecting their boundaries.

The same applies to ENTP 1w2 but with a different approach. They become opinionated and dogged about these boundaries. Everyone around them will know what they can or cannot tolerate.

New Weaknesses of the ENTP 1w2

1.   Anger+Shame

Type 1 is in the anger triad, while type 2 is in the shame triad. Thus, anger and shame are a big part of their lives. ENTP 1w2s will get angry a lot more than typical type 1. Here’s why. ENTPs are serial procrastinators and often make basic errors. Type 1 is the king of perfection.

This combination means the ENTP 1w2 will often beat themselves up for their mistakes. This can make them lose their self-confidence. It’s a crisis of conscience.

2.   More Judgemental

ENTP 1w2s will hold others to their own standards. Thus, they become more critical or judgemental. Now, because they are ENTPs, they might express this through mockery or sarcasm.

3.   More Likely to Have Double Standards

The problem with being an ENTP 1w2 is that it’s impossible to live up to type 1’s standards. There’s just too much chaos in your head.

Thus, they often have double lives or practice double standards. In other words, they might criticize people for their lifestyle but secretly engage in some aspects of that lifestyle.

4.   Generally More Intense

It’s just a lot more personal for ENTP 1w2s. Their arguments hit home a lot more than typical ENTPs. Thus, this personality type might scream, insult, or downgrade others in arguments once they lose their nerve.

It can be scary or very condescending.

ENTP 1w2 in Love/Compatibility

Are you married or dating an ENTP 1w2? Here are some things you should know

1.   Compatibility

ENTP’s natural partner in the MBTI is the INFJ or INTJ. Their natural partner in Socionics is the ISFp (ISFJ in the MBTI). Type 1 is compatible with types 9, 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6.

Thus, they have a lot of options to pick from. Nevertheless, any two mature people can make a relationship work.

Recommended Read- ENTP and INFJ Relationship- Complete Guide

2.   Love Languages

This refers to the way people prefer to receive and give love. ENTP 1w2s will prefer words of affirmation and quality time.

Reassurance is especially important to the ENTP 1w2 as they are constantly fighting their failures. Spending quality time with them will give you an opportunity to give them reassurance.

3.   Be Supportive

As mentioned earlier, they need lots of reassurance. So, try to be supportive. This is easier when your values align. The alignment of values can also be a problem if you start to expect perfection from your ENTP.

You need a lot of understanding and patience.

4.   Make Sure Your ENTP Stays Healthy

Finally, keep your ENTP 1w2 healthy. Once they become an unhealthy ENTP 1w2, things can get really nasty.

It’s a delicate process with them. This can be made easier if they have a secure attachment style.

ENTP 1w2 in the Workplace

ENTPs love careers or jobs that challenge them. They want their jobs to be creative and allow them to think outside the box.

ENTP 1w2s are similar. However, their career options are often limited to their core values. They also come alive when they are serving a greater purpose. While they are still keen to explore, they are a bit more aware of their impulsive choices.

Ensure their job gives them flexibility and appeals to their values to get the best out of the ENTP 1w2.

Best Careers for the ENTP 1w2

  • Attorney
  • Politician
  • Clergy
  • Entrepreneur
  • Professor
  • Mathematician
  • Scientist
  • Software Developer
  • Auditor
  • Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Economist

Worst Careers for the ENTP 1w2

  • Carpenter
  • Mechanic
  • Surgeon
  • Electrician
  • Plumber

Famous People/Fictional/Anime Characters That Might Be ENTP 1w2

  • Alessandro Barbero
  • Tara Elias (I’ll Save this Damn Family)
  • Vincent Griffith (The Originals)
  • Adam Klein (Survival)
  • Elia Kane (The Mandalorian)
  • Master of Masters (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Steve Nash
  • Akira Monoe (Persona 5)
  • Slannen (Ella Enchanted)
  • Asher (The Giver)

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