Do You Have an ENTP Girlfriend? It Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

ENTP girlfriend

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For some, having an ENTP girlfriend is a lot of work. They seem to always have something up their sleeves. And if they’re an ENTP type 7, things might even be more chaotic.

Do you have an ENTP girlfriend? If you do, here’s everything you need to know to make your relationship successful.

How Does Dating an ENTP Lady/Woman Feel?

Dating an ENTP female is a mixture of adventure and struggling to catch your breath. They’re spontaneous people with a lot of ambition and charisma. That’s probably one of the main reasons you found them attractive.

However, it can also be a struggle. ENTP females want to explore new realms and areas. If you want to have a peaceful life, this can be hard to balance. Other areas that might also be challenging are their communication methods as well as their preferred habits.

Dating an ENTP female might also feel slightly different depending on their enneagram type. So, you might want to do some research on that topic.

The bottom line remains the same; having an ENTP girlfriend is a memorable experience.

What To Expect in a Relationship With an ENTP Girlfriend

1.   Communication

Communication is different with ENTPs. They like straightforward conversations. This naturally translates into blunt conversations.

ENTP ladies say it exactly how it is without mincing words. They prefer to deal with abstract or future-oriented topics. The easiest way to bore them is small talk.

Now, you might be in a relationship with an ENTP female who does engage in small talk. This is not because they enjoy it, but because they love you.

2.   Love Languages

Love languages refer to how you like to receive and show love. Most ENTPs enjoy quality time and physical touch. They might show love through quality time and gift-giving.

So, don’t hesitate to dial up the intimacy or spend time with an ENTP woman. While this is true, ask your ENTP female what she prefers. If possible, take the original love language test by clicking that link.

3.   Space For Her Projects

Your ENTP female will have their world to deal with. They’ll have projects and personal adventures to go on. So, give them the space they need to work on such projects.

If you do, they’ll come back to you and even love you more. Keep this in mind if you are dating an ENTP.

4. Long-Term Commitment

ENTP females usually look for long-term commitment when they enter relationships. Now, this doesn’t mean that they are romantics like some types. It just means that they don’t like wasting their time. It also doesn’t mean that ENTP females aren’t flirts. You’ll always know where you stand.

There’s no uncertainty when dating an ENTP.

5.   A Lack of Sensitivity

ENTP females are thinkers. So, they lack some sensitivity. This also shows in their romantic relationship. They can go full beast mode and become so cold in conversations.

This can make them seem heartless to other emotional MBTI types.

6.   Willingness to Experiment

Your ENTP girlfriend is very curious. This also extends to the bedroom. They are more likely to want to explore other forms of intimacy.

While their intimacy in the bedroom is super high, most ENTP females also identify as sapiosexuals. So, you have to charm their brains first.

7.   Arguments

ENTPs love to argue and their females are no exception. Here’s the good news. Most of their arguments are not personal. They simply argue and forget about it. It’s all done to explore all possibilities and find all possible loopholes.

The problem comes when their partner’s sacred beliefs are the topic of argument. ENTP females have little respect for tradition or norms. Everything is fair game.

That can be a problem.

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Getting the Best Out of the Relationship

1.   Communication

If you have an ENTP girlfriend, you need to talk to them about how you prefer to communicate. You need to stand your ground and lay down what you don’t like or prefer.

ENTPs are fast learners and brutally honest. If they feel it’s a dealbreaker, they’ll tell you. If it’s not, they’ll try harder to make the relationship work.

2.   Showing Love

A lot of problems can be solved if people are loved the way they want to be loved. Learn your ENTP girlfriend’s love languages and try to make changes if necessary.

When your ENTP girlfriend feels loved, every argument or quarrel is already half solved.

3.   Learning More

Learning more about ENTPs is also a good way to improve your relationship with an ENTP girlfriend or mate.

So, learn all you can about them. If possible, also learn more about the enneagrams. Knowing their preferences and inclinations is essential.

4.   Creating Your Circle

Your ENTP girlfriend absolutely adores you. However, she’s also fiercely independent. So, make sure you have your own life and ideas. Keep your circle of friends and have your projects.

This will make you look more appealing to them. It also prevents you from looking too needy.


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