Enneagram 7 Memes- 30+ of the Very Best


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Type 7s are the pleasure-seekers of the enneagram of personality. They want to experience the best things and have fun throughout their lives. To celebrate this enneagram type, we have compiled the best enneagram 7 memes we could find.

So, here are the very best enneagram 7 memes out there.

Top Enneagram 7 Memes That’ll Make Your Day

1. Type 7 Are There For The Fun

Type 7s are always looking for a way to spice up their lives. They want to do fun things. Thus, going for a boring party is not high up on their agenda.

2. They Want to Be Spontaneous

Plans and structure do not sit well with type 7s. This is especially true when they are out to have fun. They want to have fun without a schedule telling them how and when to.

That just reminds them of the office.

3. Type 7 and Poor Financial Management

Type 7s have problems with finances. The problem stems from their desire to enjoy life. Thus, type 7 will usually spend even when they know it’ll land them in trouble.

This will be to a lesser extent with enneagram 7w6.

4. Enneagram 7 Memes

5. Type 7 Also Have Their Own Issues

Type 7s are usually seen as cheerful and carefree. That’s exactly what they want you to see. The truth is that type 7s have a lot that they are dealing with.

They are also in the fear triad. This means they access their emotions through a truckload of fear. That might be very hard for them.

So, support your type 7 when you can.

6. The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Type 7 has FOMO to the highest degree. Thus, they might socialize and hang out with friends even when they are not up for it. They just don’t want to miss out on anything life has to offer.

7. Enneagram 7 Memes

8. Type 7 and Thinking Outside the Box

Here’s why type 7 is incredibly great at problem-solving- they think outside the box. Thus, they are always looking for new ways to solve old or new problems.

This superpower can make them feel like they can achieve anything. This is especially obvious with 7w8s.

9. Enneagram 7 memes


11. Type 7s Are Drawn to Shiny New Things

Type 7s usually have a lot of projects open at the same time. This is because they are continuously abandoning projects halfway to start a new one.

They just cannot stick to one idea long enough. The lure and excitement are too much to bear.

12. Type 7’s Pact With Their Brain

When type 7s are under enormous stress and worry, they simply make a pact with their brain. When this happens, you might see your type 7 heal quickly or become less affected by the stress.

It can be very shocking, to say the least.

13. Type 7s are Terrible at Planning

Planning is not their strongest strength. So, don’t be surprised it never comes to plan when trying to start something new.

They’ll just dive right into it.


15. Type 7s Hate Serious Conversations

Don’t be surprised if your type 7 hates serious conversations. Serious conversations mean they’ll have to face their worry and emotions.

That’s not something type 7 will be ready for anytime soon.


17. Type 7’s Optimism is Contagious

Type 7 is probably the most optimistic enneagram type in the world. They truly believe that as long as they are alive, there’s a way. It can be nice being friends with them. They know how to motivate others.



20. Financial Problems+ Worry

7w6s will suffer the most from this problem. The pull of type 6 will not be enough to dissuade type 7 from spending recklessly in some situations.

Afterward, the intense worry on how to reconcile the books will emerge. It’s a real rollercoaster.

21. Enneagram 7 Memes





26. Type 7s Like to Keep Their Options Open

Type 7s do not like being tied down. Thus, they keep their options open. And what better way to do this than to add to their options? This behavior even comes up in their romantic relationships.






31. It’s All or Nothing with Type 7s



So, those are the best enneagram 7 memes we could find. I hope you had a blast.


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