5w4 vs 5w6- Similarities and Differences


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5w4 vs 5w6. If you can’t figure out which wing you have, you’re not alone. Let’s face it. Understanding the enneagram can sometimes be confusing.

However, this article will try to pick out the major similarities and differences between both enneagram types.

First, a very brief description of both types.

Enneagram 5 wing 4 (5w4)

5w4 is the enneagram type where type 4 is the dominant wing. 5w4s are calm, analytical, and independent. This personality type is usually curious and eager to learn more.

Because of their wing, they might also be drawn toward music or other creative works. While type 5 is usually described as blunt or detached, 5w4s are more sensitive and alive to criticisms.

This is more pronounced if their wing is strong. Click here to read an in-depth description of the enneagram 5w4.

Enneagram 5 wing 6 (5w6)

This is the enneagram type where type 6 is the dominant wing. 5w6s are detached and self-confident. They place a lot of emphasis on self-sufficiency. The context of this trait is largely determined by their wing.

Because their type 6 is a cautious type, 5w6s will seek safety first. Thus, if this type believes that they have acquired self-sufficiency, it’ll be difficult for them to risk it for more.

You can click this link to read an in-depth description of the enneagram 5w6.

5w4 vs 5w6- Similarities

1.   Basic Desire

The first real similarity is their core desire. Because they are both type 5, their core desire is to be self-sufficient. They do not want to be a burden to others.

While this is true, they might approach this desire in different ways. For the 5w4, self-sufficiency might be more of being independent. For 5w6, being self-sufficient might mean being more secure.

2.   Analytical

Both types will be analytical. Type 5 usually develops its logic. This comes in handy when it comes to problem-solving.

Their ability to produce great analysis and solve problems allows them to excel in similar careers.

3.   Shared Curiosity

Type 5s are very curious people. So, expect both variants to have the same level of curiosity. However, the way this is expressed might differ.

For 5w4, they might show more curiosity for unique and creative things. 5w6s might be more curious about practical concepts.

4.   Shared Problem of Being Detached

Finally, both types will have issues with being detached. For 5w4, they will be lost in their vivid imagination. 5w4’s minds are always buzzing with ideas. Because they are also introverts, they find it easier to get lost in their world.

5w6s might be detached for several reasons. It can be because they are also introverted. They might also detach themselves from others because of distrust or paranoia. This is evident if their wing is quite strong.

5w4 vs 5w6- What’s the Difference?

More idealisticMore Realistic
More Likely to make emotional purchasesMore cautious about their spending habits
More likely to be an introvertMore likely to be an ambivert
More creativeMore practical
More interested in finding their identityMore focused on maintaining their security

1.   Idealistic vs Realistic

The first real difference is how they see the world. 5w4s will be more logical. However, the presence of type 4 might make them idealistic.

Thus, they might see things the way they ought to be. This might affect their career choices and the way they handle their creativity. Make no mistake, 5w4s are usually extremely talented. How much they can achieve depends on the balance between idealism and realism.

On the other hand, 5w6s are more realistic. Type 6 is a very cautious type. They do not like risks. Backed by logic, 5w6s will be able to see the loopholes in every idea or project.

The benefit here is that this makes them less impulsive. The downside is that they might not be willing to take any risks.

2.   Handling of Finances

Money is an important part of everyone’s lives. As stated earlier, both types want to be self-sufficient. So, they will not be as flamboyant or impulsive with their spending.

However, 5w4s are more likely to run into financial troubles. Here’s why. Type 4 is often less motivated by money. However, they are more likely to make emotional purchases.

For example, they might get a guitar even when they don’t need it. They are also more likely to be interested in elegancy and fashion. These emotional purchases can plunge them into debt.

5w6s are more likely to save and be cautious with their spending. Overall, type 5s are more likely to spend on streaming services, video games, and experiences.

3.   Social Interactions

Both types are introverts. However, 5w6s are more extroverted than their counterparts. It’s all about their wing. Type 6 is more people-oriented. They are also more loyal. They also integrate to type 3 who is more of a talker when stressed or type 9 who also talks when in growth.

When their wing is strong, 5w6s will come alive when surrounded by people they trust.

4.   Creative vs Practical

This is a fundamental difference between their wings. 5w4s are more likely to be creative or philosophical. They are also more likely to enjoy the pursuit of education.

When comparing this to the MBTI, a slight majority of intuitives will be 5w4s. 5w6s are more practical. They want to deal with things they can see and influence.

Type 6 has a knack for taking things seriously when it’s real and not just an idea. Expect this to show in 5w6s.

5.   Security vs Finding a Purpose

5w4s are curious people. The presence of their wing also means they are on a quest to find their true identity. They want to be aware of their faults and strengths.

For 5w6s, they are more concerned about becoming secured and not losing it. This affects their romantic relationships, careers, and how they interact with each other.


So, there you have it! Are you a 5w4 or a 5w6? Regardless of your answer, you’re awesome.


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