Who is the Assertive ENTJ (ENTJ-A)?


ENTJs are the commanders of the MBTI typology. They are determined, decisive, and often make good inventors or managers. These are just some of the reasons why we love the ENTJ. ENTJs can often be divided into two sub-types. These are the ENTJ-T and ENTJ-A

Today, we’ll be focusing on the ENTJ-A. If you want to know more about the ENTJ-T, you can click that link.

Who is the ENTJ-A?

This is the assertive commander. They take an assertive and direct approach to their lives. Thus, they appear more opinionated and outspoken to others.

You should know that the ENTJ-A and the ENTJ-T have the same cognitive functions. The main difference between both types is in their approach to situations and issues they might face.

What are ENTJ-As Like?

1.      Outward Confidence

The first thing you’ll probably notice about the ENTJ-A is their confidence. It shows in their actions and their decisions.

Most people who work close to the ENTJ-A can even feel a bit intimidated by their self-confidence.

Their self-confidence stems from their belief that they can pull off anything they set their minds to. ENTJ-As are often a force to be reckoned with.

2.      Motivated

ENTJ-A are often more motivated than other ENTJs. For most ENTJ-As, their motivation often is internal and not external.

This makes it long-lasting. Thus, ENTJ-As can often tap into this motivation. This keeps them going even when they face a truckload of challenges.

While having a lot of motivation will help you cross challenges and achieve more things, it can often lead them on a wild goose chase.

So, ENTJ-As have to make sure that their motivation is not focused on unrealistic projects.

3.      Decisive

ENTJ-As are very decisive people. They are also quick to make these decisions. This means that ENTJ-As can often see opportunities and grab them while others mull over them.

This can place them in very good positions in life. However, it can make them more reckless and impulsive.

Like most qualities today, the assertive ENTJ needs to make sure they find a balance.

4.      Enneagram Types

ENTJs, in general, are more likely to be type 8 or type 3. When there are type 8s, they are more likely to have a type 7 as a wing.

If you want to learn more about the enneagram 8w7, you can click this link. When ENTJ-A are type 3, they have a somewhat equal chance of having both wing 2 and wing 4.

To read more about the enneagram 3w4 and 3w2, you can click those links.

5.      Dealing with Stress

While most people are going to struggle with stress, ENTJ-As are the exception. They fall into those groups of people who thrive under stress and pressure.

They are also less likely to feel discouraged or distracted when faced with stress.

Thus, ENTJ-As are the ideal people to handle high-pressure jobs or tight deadlines. They are always up for the challenge.

6.      Insensitive

ENTJs, in general, have issues with showing their emotions. However, the ENTJ-A takes a worse turn. They are especially insensitive to how others feel and might struggle to show their own emotions.

This is not helped by their feeling that emotions make you weak or vulnerable. Thus, most ENTJ-As might not develop this part of their lives until later parts of their lives.

For some, they never get around to developing it.

7.      Opinionated and Bold

ENTJ-A are very bold people. Their courage shows in most parts of their life. They are also very opinionated.

Thus, they often go really hard on their beliefs and emotions. This can make them intimidating to other personality types that are not as assertive as the ENTJ.

ENTJ-A and Dating

ENTJ-As are people who know exactly what they want. This often shows when it comes to dating and relationships.

Thus, they like direct communication in their relationship. Partners of ENTJ-A tend to be two types of people. One set complements their strong or assertive behavior. This partner allows them to grow and even become better versions of themselves.

The other type of partner forms a sort of submissive relationship with the ENTJ-A. This type of partner relies on the strong decisive nature of the ENTJ-A. ENTJ-As, on the other hand, have no problems with their loved ones relying on them.

If you’re planning on dating or marrying an ENTJ-A, here are some things you should know.

·         ENTJ-A and Compatibility

The natural partners of the ENTJ-As are INTP-T and ISTP-T. They can also be compatible with the ISFJ-T and INFP-T.

While this is true, any two persons can make a relationship work.

·         Meaningful Conversations

ENTJ-As value meaningful discussion. To them, this means less surface talk and more deep conversations. Small talk can leave the ENTJ-A bored.

However, bring up a topic they are passionate about and see their eyes light up. Because they are assertive, expect them to boldly state their own opinions and stick to them.

·         Intimacy

To ENTJ-A, intimacy is a very important part of their relationship. The type of intimacy they prefer will largely depend on the individual and their background.

The bottom line is that don’t be shy to give your ENTJ-A all the intimacy in the world. You’ll make their day.

·         Extremely Supportive

ENTJ-As are fiercely supportive of their partners. They will pull all stops for you verbally and by their actions. They find joy in helping their partners reach their goals.

To them, there is simply no feeling of envy. They are genuinely happy about the achievements of their partner.

Struggles ENTJ-A Can Face in Relationships

One struggle that ENTJ-A is bound to face is their assertiveness in itself. Because the ENTJ-A is quite assertive, they can become so focused on their values or opinions being accepted.

This might make them less of a listener. Their partners might feel that their own views are often ignored in the relationship.

ENTJ-A also faces the problem of being too blunt or harsh in their relationships. This is particularly evident if they are dating feeler types.

To many, the ENTJ-A is intimidating and quite controlling.

ENTJ-A and Career Options

ENTJ-As find that their best careers are those where they play a managerial role or own their business. This means that the ENTJ-As are very good at directing people towards accomplishing a goal.

They can be quite creative and innovative. People are often inspired to follow them because of their work ethic and determination.

This makes them great leaders.

Best Careers for ENTJ-A

  • Law enforcement officer
  • Sales representative
  • CEO
  • Executive director
  • Entrepreneur
  • Lawyer
  • Military Officer
  • Photographer
  • Writer
  • Financial Analyst

Worst Careers for ENTJ-A

  • Social Worker
  • Home Health Aide
  • High school teacher
  • Bartender
  • Receptionist

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