1w2 vs 1w9- Differences and Similarities


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1w2 vs 1w9. If you’re a type 1, this comparison will matter to you. Not to worry, we’ve got it all figured out.

This article discusses both types, their similarities, and their differences.

What are Enneagram 1w2 Like?

This personality type is a perfectionist with a touch of helpfulness. They are go-getters with really high standards.

They are inclined to follow the rules and their core desire is to be good and do good. Because of their wing, 1w2s are also very helpful. Unlike the core type 1 that might be blunt, 1w2s use a lot of tact when dealing with their friends and family.

Their perfectionistic streaks are usually visible for all to see. 1w2s are proactive, organized, and usually popular.

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones are classic examples of 1w2s.

You can click that link to see a detailed description of the Enneagram 1w2.

What are Enneagram 1w9 Like?

Enneagram 1w9s are also perfectionists, but with a touch of calm. They have strong views on what’s right and wrong and like to stick with it.

Because of their wing, they also avoid conflict when they can. If possible, they prefer to be at peace with everyone. 1w9s are organized people but are usually less popular than their 1w2 counterparts.

Elsa from Frozen and Thanos from the Marvel universe are classic examples of 1w9s.

You can click this link to get a detailed description of the Enneagram 1w9.

What’s the Biggest Difference Between 1w2 and 1w9?

The biggest difference between 1w2 and 1w9 is their energy. 1w2s are more extroverted and bubbly while 1w9s are reserved, withdrawn, and friendly.

However, ethics and self-control are the hallmarks of both types.

1w2 vs 1w9- Similarities

1.   Both Perfectionists

Both types are perfectionists. They set really high standards for themselves and for others. These standards allow them to do things efficiently. However, it can also lead to other problems such as excessive self-criticism.

Their perfectionistic tendencies can be tempered by their wings. For 1w2, they can become more understanding of people’s weaknesses and try to help when they can. For 1w9s, they can become more accommodating of others.

2.   High Morals

Both types will place a lot of emphasis on their values or morals. They want to do the right thing and this shows in their actions.

Their high morals can make them stubborn or self-righteous if handled badly. However, it can also make them inspiring leaders who treat people fairly.

3.   High Discipline/Self-Control

Self-control is often associated with type 1. So, it’s not really surprising that it applies to both types.

They both show a lot of self-discipline and control. This reduces the risk of procrastination or complacency.

This particular trait makes them seem reliable and competent to others.

4.   Handling of Money

Both types also have similar approaches to money. They both tend to be more responsible with their saving and financial life.

Type 1s generally worry about not having enough for the future. Thus, 1w2s and 1w9s are both great planners.

It’s rare for any of them to go broke.

1w2 vs 1w9- Outlining the Differences

1.   Calm vs Proactive

The differences between both types start to emerge from their outward appearance. 1w9s appear calmer and more withdrawn than their counterparts.

1w2s are more likely to take a proactive step in the lives of others. They are more likely to be helpful. While this is admirable, it can also cause problems.

For example, 1w2s are more likely to push their values on others even without being asked. While it can be argued that they do this with tact, it’s likely people still notice.

1w9s are more likely to restrain themselves and withdraw from others they find immoral or weird.

2.   Manner of Approaching Conflicts

This follows the last point. 1w2s are more likely to confront issues and conflicts. They are also more likely to shout or express themselves if push comes to shove.

1w9s are more likely to avoid conflicts. Unlike type 9s who avoid conflicts or compromise, 1w9s will not compromise if they cannot avoid a confrontation. So, while they try to avoid conflicts, they are not afraid of conflict should it emerge.

Their opinion or belief is unshakable. Backed by type 9’s stubbornness, they are a tough nut to crack.

3.   Helpful vs Accepting

The core desires of their wings play a fundamental role. 1w2s appear more generous and helpful. They strive to be useful when they can.

1w9s are calmer and more in touch with their inner peace and harmony. They try to avoid situations that can disrupt this peace.

This can make them seem more accepting of others.

4.   Extent of People-Pleasing

Both 1w2 and 1w9 will struggle with people-pleasing, but for different reasons. 1w2s will feel the need to help. As earlier stated, they will be proactive about this.

In the process of helping others, 1w2s might be forced to perform tasks they ordinarily wouldn’t want. They might also have to part with several other things or privileges.

1w9s, on the other hand, is likely to compromise on minor or less important values. So, they are more accepting of others. In some situations, they might withdraw from issues just to avoid conflict.

The extent to which this applies depends on the strength of their wing.

5.   Extroverted or Introverted?

1w2s are usually more extroverted than 1w9s. They are more expressive and more visible to their communities. This personality type is more likely to volunteer or strive to be a leader.

1w9s are more introverted and prefer to be left alone. They are calm, friendly, and do their bit when necessary. However, they will not appear as pushy as the 1w2.

So there you have the 1w2 vs 1w9 comparison! So, which one are you?


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